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1923 Star Julia Schlaepfer Shares Swimsuit Photo as a "Beach Bum" 

She really loves her co-stars.

Julia Schlaepfer is just one of many 1923 stars who describe working on set as being with family—and her social media is proof of the amazing bond the cast share. Schlaepfer posted pictures of herself and co-stars Aminah Nieves and Michelle Randolph frolicking in the surf at the beach, with Schlaepfer looking adorable in a gingham swimsuit. "Beach bums 🍓🍓🍓," she captioned the post. Here are five ways Schlaepfer stays happy and focused on the things that matter to her.


Cowboy Camp Training


Schlaepfer learned to ride horses at the infamous Yellowstone/1883/1923 cowboy camp. "Cowboy Camp was just the happiest time of our lives," she says. "We were having a ball, and we're all so close, and it was just pretty much the young cast there at first. We'd go to Cowboy Camp super early and then get back at the end of the day and all do family dinner and grill in the backyard. It was so much fun, but we were put through the wringer. I was beaten up and bruised by the end of that. It is such a gift as an actor to have the opportunity to really immerse yourself in the world."


Equine Therapy

Schlaepfer loved bonding with the horses on set. "One of my favorite things to do was towards the end," she says. "When we were getting good, they'd have us race each other, so we would all have a timer, and one of us would run around and barrel race, and that was one of my favorite days. That was really fun. You learn how to get comfortable on a horse, and they're the most sensitive, beautiful creatures, and it was really meditative and peaceful."


Changing it Up

Schlaepfer took advantage of the pandemic lockdowns to experiment with her looks. "I like to dress according to my mood," she says. "I wish there were a button I could press to change my hair color every morning. I've dyed it three times during quarantine. There's no better time to experiment than when you're stuck in the house for months. Well, I've been putting acne patches all over my face and then totally forgetting they're there."


Body Positivity


Schlaepfer's sense of style is focused on body positivity. "Bodies are meant to change, so I think that's beautiful," she says. "I wore a Paolo Sebastian dress to The Politician première, and I was worried because it showed a lot of cleavage. Then I thought, 'This is crazy. We all have 'em!'"


Social Justice Issues

Schlaepfer is passionate about social justice issues. "It's really important for me as a white person to be going back into that workspace and making sure that my colleagues who are people of color feel as though they have an ally in me, someone that they can come to if they ever feel uncomfortable or anything like that," she says. "If I have any power on a set, I hope to do my part and continue to learn, listen, watch, and respect those around me. It's going to be a lifelong journey, but I'm going to try my best and keep my brain open."

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