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5 Ways Camila Morrone Got Her Beach Body and the Photo That Proves They Work

Here is how the Daisy Jones & the Six star stays fit. 

Camila Morrone is heating up the beach this summer in her swimsuit. In a new social media post the Daisy Jones & the Six star flaunts her incredible body in a two-piece bathing suit while vacationing in the tropics. "Jamaica film 💚💛," she captioned the series of Instagram snaps. "You're so gorgeous," commented one of her followers. "You're so pretty 😍," added another. How does the 26-year-old approach diet, fitness, and self-care? Here are 5 secrets behind Camila Morrone's stunning beach body.


Yoga and Pilates

"I try to mix it up and do whatever I can," Camila tells Vogue about her approach to fitness. "I love yoga, [but] I just do it as a stretching in between and to get some peace of mind. I do a lot of Pilates on the reformer. I tried SLT here, and I go to Carrie's Pilates [Plus] in Los Angeles, which is amazing. I think you have to mix Pilates and yoga with cardio because I don't think you'll get the result you want to get if you're just doing yoga."




Camila also enjoys fighting for her body with boxing. "I have a trainer named Mario; he's an MMA fighter. He's going pro at the end of the year. He teaches me takedowns, jujitsu, everything. When I moved to New York, I had to find cardio that I was into. I can't really run for the life of me, so IMG sent me over to him and I fell in love with it," she tells Vogue. "I box three to four times a week."



"I like to try to do anything active when I'm not on a movie. When I'm shooting a movie, it's really hard for me to do anything besides work. So when I'm home in L.A., I like to try to get some kind of workout in," Camila told W Magazine. "I like to be outdoors because the weather's so beautiful here." She tries "fit in an outdoor exercise," whenever she can, and one of her go-to's is hiking. "I just got into hiking in L.A. because it's such an L.A. thing to do. Then I realized why everyone loves it so much. I've been doing Runyon Canyon because it's the easiest one and I'm lazy and you get a great view not very long into the hike. But there's also Franklin Canyon, and then halfway to Malibu there's a great hike called Temescal Canyon, where at the end of it, in winter, you can get a bit of a waterfall. I like rewarding hikes."



Camila isn't afraid of carbs. "After I exercise I like to praise myself with carbs, whether it's a pasta, pizza, or a sandwich. I like to not be too hard on myself. That's the most unhealthy that I will do. I don't have an unhealthy lifestyle, but I like carbs," she told W. If she cooks, it will be pasta, especially if she has guests. "I just make a really simple tomato-sauce pasta because everyone likes a tomato-sauce pasta. So I did an Italian cooking class last night and learned how to make pasta dough from scratch, so that's going to be my new go-to."


Strength and Weight Training

Camila is one of the many celebrities who train at the Dogpound, a gym that specializes in strength and weight training workouts. In a video for Vogue, she reveals her butt workout – and it's no joke. One of the exercises involves standing mid-curtsy, bending into a deep lunge and then flicking her leg high overhead. "I can't really talk while I'm curtseying!" she says.