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5 Secrets Behind Camille Kostek's Stunning Beach Body

She's excited to share her "personal designs with the team."

Camille Kostek is a very successful model and cover star. She's best known for her work with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. Kostek has also modeled for Victoria's Secret, L'oreal, and Kittenish. She's recently started a hosting career and has appeared on Wipeout and Dancing With Myself. She recently shared a new swimsuit photo. "Surprise!! my edit with @laporteswim is out now 🐚 while we drop this curated capsule with your new fav summer swim… we've been working since the start of the year on my personal designs with the team!!!! ….. whoops sorry @jodavenportcalica I can't keep it a secret anymore!!! 🥰🥰🥰"


She Eats Enough Protein

Kostek makes sure to get enough protein in her diet. She shared her secrets for doing so with E! News. "I've never been someone who counts calories. I've been a very intuitive eater for years and I noticed the difference when I was not meeting my protein goals. For me, I'm so happy to be working with Optimum Nutrition. You can imagine being with Rob [Gronkowski] and working out with him that protein is a big thing in this house. He's always on me about meeting my protein goals."


She Makes Her Own Food

Kostek likes to make a lot of her meals. She shared one of her favorite recipes with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. "I love my lunch to be bake-free whenever possible. I like cooking at night but in the middle of the day, when I am very hungry, I like to have recipes that I can whip up quickly and are healthy. My go-to no-bake recipe would have to be a can of garbanzo beans strained and washed mixed with tomato, bell peppers, feta, cucumbers and avocado, topped with olive oil, Himalayan salt, cracked pepper and a dash of lemon juice."


She Believes In Balance

Kostek eats a balanced diet. She talked about this on her Instagram stories. "It's always been my goal to eat as clean as possible as much as possible. Making meals/snacks/drinks with ingredients I know and understand. When I'm out to eat, this is much harder/or on the road at airports/on sets, etc., and I allow myself to eat unhealthy when I'm in a mood to and enjoy it."


She Sets Attainable Goals


Kostek shared some of her wellness secrets with E! News. She says that she makes sure that the goals she sets are things she knows she can do. "I just want to set attainable goals and I like sharing that with people who may be looking for a little bit of inspiration. When I was setting goals last year, I wanted to do something that I knew I wouldn't give up on and it was doing things that actually give me joy. I've never been a cold turkey kind of person, but that's totally fine for anyone who is. For me, I'm all about the baby steps. If you let yourself down, pick yourself up, and keep going. I say to start with the little things like breathing deep."


She Stays Hydrated

Kostek shared her typical diet in an interview with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. In it, she shared how she makes sure to stay hydrated. "I like to stay as hydrated as possible so on top of drinking liters of water throughout the day I like to eat bowls of watermelon whenever I have a meal or am looking for a snack. It's a great way to fill me up while hydrating my body and keeping my skin nice and hydrated."

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