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9-1-1 Star Connie Britton Shares Swimsuit Photo With "Massive Love"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

9-1-1 star Connie Britton spent plenty of time in Maui while filming The White Lotus, and has fond memories of the experience. Britton, 56, shared a picture of herself and her castmates wearing bathing suits and posing for a group shot, from when they were filming on the island. "Maui. My heart is broken. Your loss is all of our loss. Your generous island and shores held us so lovingly when we shot @thewhitelotus during covid in 2020. And now we send massive love and strength for recovery during this unbearable time. You will always be a brilliant gleaming gem with a gorgeous heart and unbreakable spirit," she captioned the moving post. Here's how Britton takes care of her health and happiness.


Meditation First Thing


Britton starts her day early with some quality me-time. "I usually set my alarm for somewhere between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m.," she says. "If I get up early and meditation is in the cards, then I love it. I've been meditating for many, many years and started out with a meditation teacher who had a very specific style. I did have a few books back in the beginning, but now I really have a method that works for me. I think the apps are amazing and it's so great that so many people are embracing and learning about meditation—but I can sort of get into the zone on my own."


Coffee and Oatmeal

Britton enjoys breakfast with her son whenever she can. "My son and I will both have oatmeal together for breakfast," she says. "It's genuinely so easy to make for both of us and it keeps him full until lunch, which is always a nice bonus. I prepare them both the same way: I'll mix in a little coconut oil, almond milk, and maple syrup. He likes a little bit of raisins, but no raisins for me ever. I do generally have coffee, but I'm not one of those addicted-to-coffee people—in fact, a lot of times I'll have decaf coffee. Or I'll have a chai tea or matcha latte. I like the ritual of a warm drink in the morning, but I'm not a person who has to have a cup of coffee in order to get going in the morning."


No Gym Sessions


Britton prefers outdoor workouts over the gym. "I don't love the gym," she says. "For a good part of my 20s, while I was pounding the pavement auditioning for acting roles, I taught aerobics in New York. I did step class or good old high-impact aerobics and calisthenics. I spent a lot of time in gyms, but I love a mind-body-spirit workout. And that's more easily done outside—swimming, hiking, or yoga.


No Sugar


Britton eats a healthy diet and avoids sugar. "I've done a bunch of cleanses over the years," she says. "Raw food really worked for me, and so did the blood type diet. But after I turned 50, dieting became not so easy. I used to be able to exercise or change what I ate, and in a few days, I was good. But that doesn't happen anymore. I'm in a new phase and haven't figured it out yet. But moderation is important. I eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and clean proteins. And I try to stay away from sugar, which is a drug for me. Sugar impacts not only my weight but also my body chemistry. Though, if I could have a chocolate chip cookie or really anything that is chocolate, I would be a very happy camper."


Embracing Change


Britton has learned to appreciate her body as she gets older. "It's true what they say: Your body really does change," she says. "And I do for sure have those times when I don't feel good in my skin. In your 40s, you have this genuinely acquired grounded wisdom, and your body is still recognizable. In your late 40s, it's like, 'What is happening?' But I'm not super hard on myself, and I allow myself to feel sexy. We have to be patient with ourselves. We are constantly evolving."

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