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90 Day Fiancé Star Shekinah Garner Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Animal Spirit"

Here are her lifestyle habits.

Shekinah Garner is channeling her animal instinct – in her swimsuit. In a new social media post the 90 Day Fiancé, The Other Way star looks incredible in an animal print bathing suit. "How often do you get the opportunity to have your animal spirit tarot read, or meet someone else with the same tattoo as you?" the reality star captioned the Instagram post with her followers. "11:11 ur destiny babe … u meet me in 11, were borned in 11 …"  wrote her fiancé, Sarper. How does she maintain her fabulous physique? Celebwell rounded up her top health habits. 


She Starts the Day with Carbs and Protein

In an Instagram Q&A, Shekinah revealed her diet and fitness secrets. She likes to start her day with a hearty breakfast. "My boyfriend, Sarper, taught me to combine Turkish oatmeal with my eggs and to add Turkish ketchup which is really spicy," she said, adding that she "craves" this protein and healthy carb filled breakfast every day. 


She Cooks Her Own Meals

While Shekinah might eat out on occasion, you will usually find her meal prepping at home. "One thing I try to do as often as possible is to prepare my own food. That way I know exactly what is going in it," she said. 


She Loves Salmon

For lunch and dinner, Shekinah eats lean protein. "I try to eat omega-rich foods such as salmon at least three times a week," she said, revealing that she cooks the fish in an air fryer, "because it limits the amount of additional oils you use and is less cleanup."


She Eats Healthy Carbs


She pairs her protein with a healthy and sweet carb. "For my carb I like to eat sweet potato with a little almond butter and raw honey. This is such a good way to boost your energy level," she said. 


She Makes Coffee Meal Replacement Shakes

Shekinah is a big fan of protein shakes – with a kick of caffeine. "I make my own meal replacement shakes using cold brew coffee as a base and plant-based protein powder," she said. 


She Hydrates

Shekinah Garner/Instagram

Shekinah prioritizes hydration. "I actually make my own water using a reverse osmosis water system. This filters out all the bad stuff from your water and makes it really pure and healthy. And then I carry around a big canister all day long drinking water," she said. 


She Exercises

Shekinah Garner/Instagram

Shekinah works out hard. "I workout twice a week with my trainer. This is really important for me," she revealed. "I like to barely be able to walk out of the gym after a workout."



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