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'90s Icon Candace Cameron Bure in Bathing Suit Shares Italy Photo Drop

Here are her lifestyle tips—and favorite exercise.

Full House star Candace Cameron Bure enjoyed a magical vacation in Italy over the summer, and the pictures prove she is only getting better with age. Bure, 47, shared highlights of her trip—the food, the boats, the water, the wine—and snaps of herself looking sunkissed and blissful in a brown one-piece swimsuit. "Yay! Family time 😍😍😍", commented friend Danica McKellar. How does Bure get fitter and stronger by the year? Here are 5 ways she stays strong, happy, and full of energy.


All the Push-Ups

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Bure works hard for her physique and is proud of it. "I try to work out four to five times a week," she says. "I mix it up a lot, so it stays interesting to me," she said. "I swear by push-ups: wide grip, tricep, dolphin, inclined, declined, you name it. My arms, shoulders, and back have really changed from constantly doing them… I have loved this journey of fitness. I feel stronger at 45 than I did when I was 20 years old. It's just every time you get stronger, or I see my muscles from doing more pushups, it keeps me going to want to do more and just keep that up."


Mediterranean Diet

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Bure enjoys a healthy diet with limited sugar. "I eat a very plant and grain-based diet," she says. "I follow a more Mediterranean diet, so I eat lots of fresh vegetables and whole grains and fish. I don't eat dairy very often, and I've cut most of the sugar out of my diet — I see the biggest effect from not eating as much sugar."


Working Out For Mental Health


Regular exercise is incredibly beneficial for mental health, which is something Bure appreciates. "I juggle, as we all do, a lot of plates," she says. "I not only juggle my family but also work in a lot of different capacities. It can get really difficult. Just sweating that out and all those endorphins really help me a lot. I notice a huge difference when I don't exercise, how much it can affect me mentally and kind of deal with depression. That's why I keep going. There are a lot of benefits I get. My mind is most important, and exercise definitely helps that."


Older and Stronger

Bure wants to continue focusing on keeping her body strong and healthy. "I feel a real sense of accomplishment about what my body can still do, and I want to keep it in shape and keep it strong for so many years that are ahead of me," she says. "You kind of take your body for granted when you're younger, so the older I get the prouder I am of the things I'm able to do with it."


Joy In Fitness

Bure dealt with eating disorders when she was younger, and has since recovered from them. "It's something that I'm always aware of and that I do think about, but having been healthy for so many years, it's not something I have to think about on a daily basis," she says. "It's not something that I struggle with anymore. I really found my joy in fitness, and then as I get older I've just been fine-tuning my diet and I enjoy eating what makes my body feel the best." 


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