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A Discovery of Witches Star Teresa Palmer Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Wild Day"

This is her zen life.

A Discovery of Witches star Teresa Palmer couldn't resist showing off the results of a photoshoot at the beach for Marie Claire Australia. Palmer, who played Dr. Diana Bishop on the show, shared pictures of herself posing on the sand in a black bikini with a striped shirt on top. "What a fun wild day last month in Sydney, zipped up with two kids in tow and straight back for filming again," she captioned the post. Palmer's attitude to health and fitness has evolved over the years—here's how having children changed her approach to wellness.


Plant-Based Diet

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Palmer enjoys a plant-based diet, with plenty of fruit and vegetables. "I'll make myself a frozen chocolate smoothie and I'll use Blossom [a superblend powder] which has hemp and pea proteins, plus a bunch of different nutrients and a blend of mushrooms," she says. "I'll add two dates, sometimes some almond butter, two frozen bananas and coconut milk or activated unsweetened almond milk. Then if I'm extra hungry I'll have sourdough toast with smashed avo, olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt and then we're out the door."


Yoga and Pilates

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Palmer enjoys yoga and Pilates for fitness and wellness. "I'll drop the kids to school and then I'll usually do a meditation around 10am for 15 minutes," she says. "I use Daniel Ahearn who is my favorite teacher at Love Your Zen Life – a community I'm involved in. That brings me to a place of recharge and gives me some self-reflection time to set me up for the rest of the day – I call it my healthy food for the brain. If I can squeeze it in I'll do some movement, so maybe Pilates or yoga or some stretching, a walk around the garden with the kids. Those are the three elements I really try to incorporate into my day, and sometimes I have to do it at the end of the day when the kids are asleep because I just didn't find the time, but they're my non-negotiables."


Mindful of Carbohydrates


Palmer is mindful of the quality of carbs she enjoys. "I love heavy carbs and always want to eat pasta, bread, or pizza, but I find my energy levels plummet when I indulge in these foods continuously," she says. "A particular food focus for me at the moment is to eat a variety of nutrient-rich mixed greens every day. I can make them into a simple stir-fry or curry and enjoy a delicious, healthy meal in minutes."


Embracing Her Body

Palmer says having children liberated her from an obsession with clean eating. "My body just blossomed and I had this big belly and I could feel life within me, and it was just incredible seeing what my body could do," she says. "I was getting stretch marks on my boobs and cellulite all over my bum and the backs of my thighs. I was finally liberated from these judgments that I had surrounding my body, which I realized had existed since I was … a teenager. Since being a mum, I've embraced it all. The lumps and the bumps and the stretch marks… it's a map of my journey of bringing my babies into the world."


Evening Routine

Palmer winds down at night with a bath and meditation. "I make a beautiful calming drink to help with sleep, it's my favorite [Lovewell] product that we have," she says. "It's infused with lavender and chamomile and hops and it's wonderful and it's for the kids too. So usually before bed I'll put it on the stove and heat it up with some almond milk. Then I'll have a bath and listen to a podcast. As I'm going to bed I press play on our sound machine – I've been listening to the same Om chant for the last four years, it's on a loop so it plays all night and I feel like I have such a deep sleep while listening to it."

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