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A.J. Johnson In Workout Gear Says "It's Arm Day" From Aruba

Here are her diet and fitness tips.

Actress, choreographer, trainer and A.J. Johnson is known for her insane work ethic—when other people are enjoying donuts on set, Johnson is doing jumping jacks. At 60, the fitness expert shows no sign of slowing down, even on vacation. The House Party star shared a video of herself wearing neon workout gear, using dumbbells in a cruise ship gym overlooking the ocean. "It's arm day….You knowwwww your #morein2024 requires NO DAYS OFF… and even at sea, the @virginvoyages had a fly gym that helps me hit it!!!👊🏾😝💪🏾," she captioned the post, before going into her exact arm workout. Here's how Johnson is only getting better every year.


Abs Made In the Kitchen

Johnson is known for her killer abs—she doesn't have a six pack, she has an eight pack! Here's how. "Consistent water intake," she told HelloBeautiful. "Meditation. Some form of movement—dance, yoga, hiking, weight lifting. Salads, [with] raw veggies with an added protein, no dressing. Fish (white fish). Use citrus juices to season. NO condiments (they hide fat sugar and sodium)."


End-of-Summer Body

Johnson emphasizes how important being realistic and sensible is when it comes to fitness goals. "For most people 'in shape' is a 2-3 month process," she told HelloBeautiful. Release the 'in shape by summer' pressure if you have not started. That pressure is stress and stress helps you gain unwanted weight. At this point, in shape by the end of summer would be the goal. To help the process, avoid processed foods, anything with a life of more than 3-4 days is the devil. Focus on fresh fruit (low-sugar fruits like melons and berries), fresh raw veggies and water."


No Red Meat


Johnson enjoys a clean diet packed with raw fruits and vegetables. "I don't eat chemically processed food and sugars," she told Rolling Out. "I don't cook with any fat. I also don't eat red meat. It's such a heavy protein and it takes [a] long [time] to digest. So I eat chicken and fish, which is easier for your body to process. The easier that happens, the healthier you are. I haven't used a microwave in 10 years. I make oatmeal and popcorn on the stove. I travel a lot, so I try to keep track of what I eat."


Green Smoothies With Julia Roberts

Johnson makes her own green smoothies on set. "I remember doing the film Dying Young with Julia Roberts and I was eating my own food and my own smoothie on set,'' she told The Daily Beast. "One day Julia teased me about how bad it smelled and then days later asked could she try it. It was a green smoothie I'd put together for more energy. She loved it. So green smoothies became our daily thing in the makeup chair during the movie."


Spiritual Health

Johnson is careful to protect her mental health and spiritual wellness, including online. "I do a lot of spirit work to make sure I'm on my God assignment," she told Baller Alert. "Making sure I'm fueling my mind, body, and spirit with positivity, from the music I listen to, to things I read, and conversations that I have. All of that plays a part… If someone's content or posts disrupts my soul… It throws me off. And I can't allow myself to be thrown off balance."


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