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A Place in the Sun's Scarlette Douglas Shares Swimsuit Photo From Hermitage Bay

This is the best decorating tip she ever learned. 

A Place in the Sun presenter Scarlette Douglas is enjoying a beautiful vacation in Antigua, in the Caribbean. The British star, 36, shared some highlights from her magical trip to the island, including a snap of herself posing in a swimsuit next to a gorgeous pool, looking out over the ocean. "Hermitage Bay; a place of luxury, bliss, opulence and euphoria all rolled into one 💙💚🖤," she captioned the post. How does Douglas stay so fit and beautiful? Here are 5 ways she takes care of her health and happiness. 


She's a Foodie

Douglas is passionate about food and loves to cook when she can. "I'm a big foodie," she says. "It's funny because I've got a new house with a new kitchen, and I haven't used any of the appliances yet because I've not been around to cook. Something that would make me the happiest is having a really good meal – usually spaghetti bolognese with a side of garlic bread."


Loving Her Curves

Douglas learned to love her looks after embracing what makes her unique—and refuses to diet to change her body. "It was having to watch myself on television," she says. "I came from a dancing background and you've got to be thin and everybody has got to look the same. I was never going to look the same as anybody else because, as a black female, I'm curvy. I'm not going to have the same shape as my white friends. I really had to get into the mindset of 'this is my body and I don't have to diet all the time because my body just naturally isn't like that'."


Working In Her Garden

Douglas calls her garden her safe haven. "I just love being outside, so my garden is really important to me," she says. "My garden is currently getting renovated and I'm planning on having a paving area and artificial grass. Don't judge me! I'm never really in the country much, so real grass would be too much to maintain. My garden is split into tiers, so I'm also going to have some nice lounging seats, pebbles, an outside table with chairs, an outdoor rug, fairy lights, wind chimes and potted plants. It will be my safe haven where I can relax and read a book."


Her Beauty Must-Haves


Douglas has a go-to list of things she can't travel without. "Black castor oil, silk head cover, wide toothed comb and and my 'HAIRepair' Nourishing Conditioner," she says. "With all these items my hair will stay well maintained! My must bring beauty products are definitely my Nivea Vanilla and Macadamia Nut Lip Butter, Mac Blot Powder, Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Powder and most importantly my body lotion. I can't be having dry, ashy skin on screen!"


Her Number 1 Decorating Tip

Douglas has a useful tip for those who want to decorate homes with the intention of selling them. "The best decorating tip I learned is not to put too much of your own personality into a home if you are doing it up to sell," she says. "I absolutely love pink. One of my spare bedrooms is decorated completely in blush pink, but that could actually put someone off. It's just about trying to be neutral while still adding flair here and there. Don't ever try to go too over-the-top because you might end up putting someone off. If it's your house then do whatever you want, but if you are doing a renovation to make money, then it needs to be a blank canvas to a certain degree. People need to be able to see what they can do with it and how they can make it theirs."

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