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Abbie Herbert In Workout Gear Says Husband Is "Number One Supporter"

She’s wearing the pants today.

Content creator Abbie Herbert is letting fans see what it's like behind the scenes of her TikTok videos with husband Josh Herbert. Herbert, 27, shared a video of herself trying on a green one-piece workout outfit, her husband offering encouragement from behind the camera. "My number one supporter 😭🫶," she captioned the post. "I love these behind the scenes and creativity you put into your videos!!" a fan commented. Herbert is not just a content creator but also a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model—here's how this mother of two lives her best life.


Full-Time Model

Herbert was a model before she became a TikTok sensation. "I think people don't realize that I was a full-time model before social media," she told Evie. "They assume modeling came after TikTok, but at 17, I was living in NYC pursuing my modeling career. TikTok kind of happened by accident when the pandemic kept us at home."


Traveling the World

Herbert is grateful for her experiences as a model. "It's been surreal traveling the world and meeting so many amazing people along the way!" she told Evie. "I got to work with some incredible brands and companies as a model, and now I'm getting to work with them in my new capacity as a personality. I'd love to keep working with more luxury fashion brands and attend New York Fashion Week."


Beauty Line

Herbert developed her skincare line Pavot after dealing with PCOS skin issues. "People might be surprised to hear that I went through severe cystic acne a few years ago after being diagnosed with PCOS," she told New Beauty. "Before that, I knew nothing about skin care. I worked for two years straight with my aesthetician to get my skin to where it is today. I found my love for skin care during my acne journey. I've loved the process of building a brand and working to create products that are clean, eco-conscious and beneficial for the consumer."


Self-Care Ritual

Herbert winds down at night with a bath and skincare. "My self-care ritual after a long day is lighting my favorite candle and taking a bubble bath," she told New Beauty. "After soaking, I do my nightly skincare and body care routine. My holy grail is the TULA Skincare Beauty Sleep Overnight Skin Repair Treatment. It leaves my skin refreshed and hydrated!"


Social Media Advice

Herbert's best advice for up and coming social media stars is to post whatever they want. "I ignore all the criticism," she told Evie. "I don't let it affect any part of my life because I can't. If I did, I'd get lost in the echo chamber of comments and criticism where you can never make everybody happy. I focus on my family and close friends, and that's all that matters to me." 

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