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Adriene Mishler In Cozy Workout Gear Says "High Five To All of You!"

Here are her wellness tips.

Health influencer Adriene Mishler is all about taking her fans and followers through fitness challenges, like her 30 day yoga journey. Mishler, 39, is sharing video and pictures every step of the way, including one of herself doing yoga poses in black pants and a comfy tan sweater, her beloved pup standing guard. "Get to day 8 in the journey. It's one of the most important practices. 🌯 Thank you to my assistant for modeling presence and commitment. 🐺 And high five to all of you! (Start the 30 day journey today if you like – and get thee to day 8.)," she captioned the post. Here's what Mishler's diet, fitness, and wellness regimen looks like.


She's a Yogi

Mishler is a devoted yogi, and loves to teach. "I cried tears of joy during my first yoga class and since then I've been obsessed with getting people to come and experience how good it feels to practice," she told Women's Health. "I want people to understand that you don't have to be 'good' at yoga to feel the benefits of yoga – you just need to show up. The magic doesn't happen when you 'get' a certain pose, either; it happens when you realize you're in charge of your own happiness on your yoga mat."


Walking and Strength Training

Mishler walks her dog every day and tries to get a run in. She also does regular weight training sessions. "I started resistance training because I wanted to become a better runner and to do something new where I wasn't the expert," she told Women's Health. "I pushed too hard at the start, but sessions with a trainer who specializes in mobility and strength training have helped me find balance. It's been good for my mind to do something that I originally sucked at."


Role Model Responsibility


Mishler takes her job as a teacher and influencer seriously. "Remembering that I am a role model helps me prioritize my health and wellness," she told Camille Styles. "And before anyone goes rolling their eyes, I think it is important to remember that we are all role models! We model our approach to life for the young people in our lives, our loved ones, our neighbors, and our community at large. It's a sweet realization to remember: you matter. In this season my life, keeping that affirmation at the forefront has helped me give more time on the calendar back to myself and my health. Without guilt, shame, or difficulty." 


Mostly Vegetarian

Mishler has changed her diet over the years but has always kept eggs on the menu. "I'm basically vegetarian but if I'm visiting somewhere by the coast I might order some fish," she told Women's Health. "However, lately, I've been learning more about the impact of fishing on the ocean and I'm questioning whether I should fully cut it out. I've had phases where I've been vegan – except for eggs. I couldn't be without them. I make breakfast tacos a lot. My classic is egg, spinach, onion and garlic in a tortilla, which keeps me going into the afternoon."


Men Doing Yoga

Mishler is thrilled more men are trying yoga. "When the big, Western, capitalistic wellness boom was happening, every time a man would show up at one of our events I'd be like, 'Yes! Yes!' It wasn't that long ago that you were not seeing that even in classes," she told GQ UK. "To see, in particular, men practicing with women just makes me smile. Because what a great toolset for us to share as people. At-home yoga practice is great for all of us."

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