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Alex Morgan Wears Workout Shirt For Weight-Training Routine

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Professional soccer player Alex Morgan is sharing her full-body workout with social media fans and followers—and reminding everyone that women's sports are important. Morgan, 34, posted a video of herself wearing black shorts and a t-shirt that reads "Everyone watches women's sports", doing strength and resistance exercises with a personal trainer. "Early bird," she captioned the post. "The shirt tho 🙌🔥," commented American cyclist Kate Courtney. Here's what Morgan's training, diet, and downtime looks like as an athlete and mother.


Peloton and Yoga

Morgan's training routine includes yoga, cardio, and strength training. "Sometimes I just want to sleep when [daughter] Charlie's sleeping, or clean the house—it's a mess! But I always think how good it feels to be sweaty after a workout," she told Shape. "We have a Peloton bike, so I'm doing classes three or four times a week. Every day I have a 45­minute program customized for me, and it's all body weight exercises, like glute bridges, lunges, squats, a lot of yoga poses."


Vegan Diet


Morgan has been vegan since 2017, and enjoys lots of plant-based snacks with her daughter Charlie. "We try to introduce her to as many textures and types of food as we can," she told Capital District Moms. "She's really into rice and beans lately which are good carbs and protein—that's something I look for in vegan food and my diet. A meal we can all have is veggie enchiladas with rice and beans. That's one of our go-tos."


Being Uncomfortable

Morgan is always pushing her own limits for personal growth. "Physically, I like to make myself uncom­fortable at least once a day," she told Shape. "If I'm taking shots, it's taking a couple extra. If I'm in the gym, it's doing an extra rep or an extra five or 10 pounds. It's choosing to push myself more than I think I'm capable of. When you conquer that, you feel like, 'OK, I'm the only one holding myself back.'"


Social Activism

Morgan is passionate about social justice causes. "I want to continue to demand excellence of myself, and I want to do things that my family and my daughter would be proud of," she told PopSugar. "Fighting for gender equality, fighting for human rights, fighting for [the] LGBTQ community, those are really passionate things that I care about, that are meaningful. You only get a short period of time to feel like your voice is being heard by an incredible amount of people."


Equal Rights Battle

Morgan is no stranger to standing up for her rights—she once took part in a group gender discrimination lawsuit against the United States Soccer Federation in a demand for equal pay. "Knowing your value is important, as is not being apologetic for wanting to see it reflected in your salary and in the respect that your work environment provides you with," she told Allure. "And whatever you're striving for, bring all your determination and will. I don't think that I was always the most talented or technical player when I was younger. But I wanted it more, and I think that took me further than it can take anyone with talent that wanted to coast. I'm really proud of that."

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