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Alex Scott In Workout Gear Is "Sporty Spice 2024"

"Cause you’re sweet like a flower in bloom."

Professional soccer player and Strictly Come Dancing star Alex Scott is effortlessly stylish, both on the pitch and in front of the camera. Scott, 39, shared pictures of herself posing in a tracksuit with white Nike sneakers, her long hair pulled back into a ponytail. "Can I call you rose?" she captioned the post. "Cause you're sweet like a flower in bloom," commented girlfriend Jess Glynne. "Sporty Spice 2024!" a fan commented. Here's what Scott's diet and training routine looks like as she approaches 40. 


Early Bird

Scott starts her day full of energy, and doesn't like sleeping in. "I struggle to lie in," she told The Guardian. "I don't want to waste the day, especially if I've got a day off. I'm like: 'Right, I'm up, gym or pilates, nice walk, listen to a podcast and it's still so early.' Then I can have an amazing brunch or go visit my mum. The gym is a circuit class, so everyone's feeling pumped, ready to attack a Sunday. Pilates is more of a chilled vibe."


Breakfast Is Her Favorite


Breakfast is Scott's favorite meal of the day. "Anything with eggs – poached, scrambled, an omelet – with avocado and spinach," she told The Guardian. "My mum used to take me to a proper café for a fry-up after training. I signed to Arsenal when I was eight, grew up through the Arsenal ranks all the way to the first and England team."


Training and Glucose Monitor


Scott thrives on a regular training routine and uses apps to track her health. "I think it's only over the past year that I've fallen back in love with the dedication of training, because [of] how it makes me feel. It makes me feel empowered," she told Women's Health. "It sets me up for the day. I'm always open to learning with new things, new science and what it can do. As an athlete, I was always asking for my feedback. So wearing the Lingo glucose biosensor has got me back into that mindset of just checking, like, 'Okay, am I good? How is my body reacting to what I'm eating? What I'm doing?" Sometimes you just need that little form of education."


Sunday Dinners

Scott loves her mother's traditional Sunday roasts. "My mum's roast dinners are fabulous," she told The Guardian. "She adds rice, which has led to some big debates on Instagram. They're still the full works: potato, vegetables, Yorkshire pudding, but the rice comes from Dad's Jamaican upbringing. Now I've been talking about my mum's roast dinner, I'm going to have to visit her for one."


Roll With It

Scott is excited about the next step as she nears turning 40. "I'm in this bubble at the moment… I am more open to accepting and being more vulnerable and I'm absolutely enjoying this stage," she told Women's Health. "I'm enjoying being like, okay, I'm just gonna roll with this. I think, before, I was very walls up. All those walls have, like, come down."

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