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Strictly's Alex Scott Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Summer Fun"

She’s bringing the heat to Ibiza.

Professional soccer player, soccer pundit, and Strictly Come Dancing star Alex Scott had the time of her life on vacation in Ibiza, Spain. Scott, 38, shared a variety of pictures of herself enjoying the summer, including ones of her posing in a green swimsuit and sarong, and another of her lounging by the pool in a black and white bikini.  "Summer fun 🏝️," she captioned the post. Scott always looks fit and beautiful—but how does she do it? Here's how the star stays happy, healthy, and glowing.


Workout Out For Mental Health

Scott enjoys yoga, Peloton, and running for both physical and mental health. "Certainly running, lifting weights, playing basketball and other fitness activities that get your heart pumping can help," say the experts at the Mayo Clinic. "But so can physical activity such as gardening, washing your car, walking around the block or engaging in other less intense activities. Any physical activity that gets you off the couch and moving can help improve your mood."


Pride in Herself

Scott is proud of her authentic self. "I think I would like everyone to always know that every time they've seen me and in everything that I do, it's always been 100% me – and that raw, authentic person that they saw in the beginning has never changed," she says. "She knows where she comes from and is proud to be from that area. She is proud to represent everyone at that kind of level, they will always have that connection with me."


Routine and Exercise


Scott stayed busy with her routine and workouts during the pandemic lockdowns. "I think, like many people, life had its ups and downs in 2020 – especially during lockdown," she says. "I live alone so concentrated on having a routine as much as possible. This involved running, working out on my Peloton bike (which I love), making soups, Zoom calls with friends and learning Spanish! It's really important for me to keep busy."


Therapy Sessions

Scott swears by regular therapy sessions for good mental health. "Therapy has helped me immensely," she says. "I went straight from retiring from one profession straight into the pressures of broadcasting in the public eye – learning techniques, and finding that balance to ensure my mental health takes priority has been important. And of course – friends and family – there's nothing that cheers me up like drinks and laughs with the girls; that's therapy in itself!"


Championing Women's Sports

Alex Scott/Instagram

Scott is thrilled there is more money being poured into women's sports. "It's opening the door, giving more opportunities to women in those male-dominated spaces, and normalizing it across society," she says. "Now, the young boys in the playground are seeing girls playing football at school, watching the Lionesses on TV, wearing their shirts, and seeing it as normal. That's how it should be. It's about changing the thought process of the next generation, so there is no prejudice towards any women across any industry."

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