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Alpine Skier Isabella Wright In Workout Gear Says "Thank You For the Support"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Alpine skier Isabella Wright is recovering from injuries and grateful for her team. Wright, 27, shared a picture of herself wearing black shorts and a tank top, her left arm in a sling. "Well, it wasn't an easy one ❤️‍🩹but i learned a lot, I pushed through a lot, and I got to do it with a lot of good people by my side! it's time to let the mind and body fully heal up 🍋A HUGE thank you to all my sponsors and my Team for the support through the ups and downs! it really does take a big support system and I'm surrounded by something much bigger than myself and i'll be forever grateful for that 🫶🏽 thank you," she captioned the post. Here's what Wright's training regimen looks like.


Snowbird, Utah

Wright grew up racing at Snowbird, Utah. "Skiing started out as a family activity—it was the best daycare for my parents," she told Ski Magazine. That's what sparked it—the mountains and the people and being a part of the Snowbird program. Snowbird's program is the perfect mix. Most of the time training was too soft, so we would go and free-ski and huck cliffs. It was a huge part of the program, which is why I think so many great skiers in general come out of Snowbird, and why I loved it so much."


Project Rock

Wright is thrilled to be part of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Project Rock. "He has built a platform and a brand for the #hardestworkersintheroom that gives people the opportunity to put on a Project Rock uniform, do the work, and have a fresh start everyday. Everyone has their own story, it's what you do with what you have that speaks volumes. And that's what makes him and this brand so special. He works to be his best self every day. Something I try to emulate both him and @lindseyvonn," she captioned a post


Slalom vs. Super-G

Wright loves the adrenaline high from skiing. "Snowbird is more of a slalom hill, so I grew up a slalom skier," she told Ski Magazine. "But as I grew older, once I had my first taste of super-G and downhill, feeling those G-forces, it really sparked a need for speed. Speed skiers have this edge and mindset; you have to want to put yourself in a scary, risky situation. You're going 80-plus miles an hour down this icy pitch and there's so much adrenaline. Super-G is my favorite because it's really fast but there are a lot of technical elements, too."


Strength Training

Wright frequently posts videos of herself doing strength training at the gym. "Puttin in werkkk at my favorite gym🏋🏽‍♀️💪🏽 #usanacenterofexcellence. I wish my muscles would grow as fast as my calluses🥴 hehe! thankful to have so many people around me to push the limits each day," she captioned a post.


Ski Family

Wright says her team is her family. "The difference is that your family on the road, they understand a part of the sport that no one else can understand because they're doing it with you," she told Ski Magazine. "The emotions, pressure, gratitude, and horrible days—no one knows those feelings better than your teammates. The bond is that you understand that person sometimes better than they understand themselves. You feel for them because you feel that you are them; it's an unbreakable bond."

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