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Amanda Bisk in Two-Piece Workout Gear is "Intense"

Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle habits.

Amanda Bisk is sharing a new workout – in her exercise clothes. In a new social media post the fitness influencer shows off her amazing body in pink bike shorts and a matching crop top. "The last couple months have been INTENSE to say the least," she writes in the caption. "HERE IS YOUR REMINDER TO GET BACK TO DOING THAT THING YOU LOVE!!! ✨ Especially if you're feeling low on motivation, stuck in a rut, or like your 'going through the motions'…make time for it. I promise you will get an instant life boost!!" How does she approach diet, exercise, and self-care? Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle habits.



"I usually start my day with a stretch or yoga and a few bodyweight exercise's (situps, squats etc), usually between 15-30min depending on how much time I have," says Amanda. "Flexibility is all about consistency. I stretch everyday. I stretch in the morning for 15-30min (sometimes also in the evening) and before and after I exercise. If you are looking to improve your flexibility, the more you stretch the quicker you will see improvements," she continues. "I use a combination of stretches I have learnt from gymnastics and athletics and combine this with yoga. In the morning I do a few sun salutations (a sequence in yoga) to warm up my body, then I stretch my legs and hips and do splits, then finish off with shoulders and backbends."



"I do an intense workout like a strength session or sprints 3-4 times a week," she reveals on the blog. Her latest workout that she shared about on Instagram was a sprint session at the track. 

  • x2 walk/skip/jog warm up laps
  • Stretch
  • Running Drill + 30m run through after each
  • x8 50m sprints @80% (walk back recovery)
  • Stretch


Other Activities

The days she isn't at the gym or track she does "something different like tennis, bike riding, basketball, walking with a friend or going to a local pilates or airyoga class," she writes on the blog. 


Moderate Diet

Amanda does not follow any specific diet. "I have experimented with a few different ways of eating but what works best for me is a varied and balanced approach to food. This includes LOTS of fruit and vegetables, fish, eggs, grains (including breads and pasta), legumes, nuts, dairy and meat. I also believe it is totally ok to enjoy those 'not so healthy' foods (my vice is icecream!). Those hearty meals or cheeky treats are good for the soul! But remember it is about moderation," she says. "My meals usually consist of majority vegetables (full of vitamins and minerals), a portion of carbs (to fuel my muscles and brain) and protein (to build a strong body and keep me full). I choose mostly vegetarian options (a big influence from my mum, who is fully vegetarian) but I do eat meat when I feel like it."


Task and Goal Lists


How does Amanda stay motivated? "I make a little list of tasks and goals I want to achieve each day. The night before, I usually go through in my mind what my day will look like and where I can fit things in," she writes in her blog. "Big goals are great, but sometimes they can seem overwhelming. Breaking it up into tasks you can do each day makes things so much more achievable, and that is really motivating. I love getting to the end of a day and looking back at all the things I have done. The most important thing to remember is that constant positive efforts are never wasted, they will build up slowly and you will get that end goal."


One Hour of Movement Daily

Amanda moves every day. "I am a big fan of mixing up the type of exercise and fitness I do, so from week to week my exercise routine changes alot," she revealed on her blog. "All up, I aim to move my body for an hour each day." She also incorporates a rest day in, "where I might only stretch and do a walk. If I feel run down or overtrained I make sure I take a day off. Its all about listening to your body."

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