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Amanda Bisk In Workout Gear Shares "Bali Edition" Glute Exercises

Everything is better in Bali.

Fitness influencer Amanda Bisk is sharing one of her favorite back and glute exercises on social media. Bisk, 38, posted videos of herself wearing green shorts and a matching sports bra, going through her exercises in the sunshine. "BOOTY & BACK 🌴(Bali edition) Here's one of the strength workouts I've done on this trip…I usually stick to doing the essentials while I'm traveling (which for me is glute strength and shoulder blade stability) because those are my 2 weaknesses and I sacrifice more of my time to do things like beach time, surfing, exploring, eating or doing random yoga/workout classes around Bali," she captioned the post. Here's how Bisk makes fitness so much fun.


Mixing It Up

Bisk loves to mix up her workouts. "I get bored easily so I try to do something different everyday," she told Vie Active. "Whether it be running (flat and hill sprints because I am horrible at distance!), long power walks with my friends, circuit training, skateboarding, swimming, a gymnastics or ballet class, a boxing class anything! I love morning exercise and I always try to wake up early and fit in 15-30 minutes of bodyweight exercises and stretching."


Attainable Goals

Bisk is a big fan of small goals. "Start your fitness routine with little things each day that you can incorporate into your current schedule, whether that's setting a step goal for your day, doing a short home workout two to three times a week, or organizing a walk with a friend each weekend," she told Vogue Australia. "Seeing all the things you achieve in your day, no matter how big or small, can be the biggest inspiration to keep going."


Social Workouts

Bisk loves combining her workouts with her social life. "I feel I am most consistent with my training when I incorporate some of my workouts with my socializing," she told Vogue Australia.. "I try to go on coastal walks with my mum, go to the gym with my partner Adam, or organize outdoor workouts with my friends and go for a coffee after. Having other people around is always such a nice way to make your workout fun and it's a great way to catch up."


Born To Move

Bisk believes health and happiness are one and the same. "I believe living an active life is crucial for a happy, healthy and balanced existence. We were born to move," she told Vie Active. "Exercise has so many benefits for not only your body but also your mind. We need to remember that it doesn't have to be torture. Fun, relaxed and varied exercise everyday really makes you feel wonderful and unstoppable!"


Keep It Fun

Bisk has good advice for not getting stuck in an exercise rut. "Experiment and experience all types of exercises, and even if you find something you love, don't think you need to stay with it forever either," she told Vogue Australia. "Our exercise mood can change from month to month or with the seasons, so find something that works for you at each stage."o "never feel stuck, keep challenging yourself, and do it because you love it, not because you have to."

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