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15 Amazing Bodies from James Bond Films

Here’s how they stay in shape.

The iconic James Bond film series is renowned for its thrilling action, sophisticated style, and unforgettable characters. Among these, the portrayal of amazing bodies by a diverse cast of actors has left an indelible mark on the franchise's legacy. This article delves into the lives of 15 remarkable individuals who brought their unique charm and dedication to the James Bond universe. From Halle Berry's timeless skincare regime to Daniel Craig's intensive workout routines, each actor brings a personal touch to their role, both on and off-screen. Their stories reflect a blend of discipline, creativity, and passion, revealing the secrets behind their stunning on-screen presence. Whether it's embracing healthy diets, rigorous training, or mindful living, these actors embody the essence of the Bond spirit—grace under pressure. As we explore their journeys, we gain insights into the dedication required to shine in one of cinema's most enduring franchises. Join us in celebrating the artistry and commitment of these talented individuals who have become an integral part of the James Bond legend.


Halle Berry

LOS ANGELES - MAY 15: Halle Berry arrives for the John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum' L.A. Special Screening on May 15, 2019 in Hollywood, CA

Halle Berry played Jinx Johnson in Die Another Day. She shared some of her skincare tips with Glamour. "The products that I use have evolved over the years as new technologies have been made available. But there is one product that has been a part of my skin care regime for as long as I can remember, and that is a serum with vitamin C. It brightens our skin, it keeps us from getting splotches. If you get a pimple, they go away a lot faster without leaving any marks. So a serum with vitamin C is key."


Rosamund Pike


Rosamund Pike played Miranda Frost in Die Another Day. To prepare for her role in Gone Girl, Pike worked with MMA fighter Holly Lawson. "What I did was employ a lot of the stuff I learned from fighting into the training with Rosamund," Lawson said to Healthista. "I know how far you can push the body and I knew how to bulk her up with water weight and later strip it out."


Teri Hatcher


Teri Hatcher played Paris Carver in Tomorrow Never Dies. She opened up about her diet to The Daily Mail. "Why not make the choice to stay away from ingredients doctors have told us aren't helpful to our health? Like sugar. Alcohol. Processed foods. I stay motivated to make good choices, concentrating on eating food that falls into the categories of vegetables, dark leafy greens, fruits, and protein and whole grains."


Minnie Driver


Minnie Driver played Irina in GoldenEye. She revealed in an interview with The Telegraph that she has moved to a beach home. "I'm happier by the sea," Driver explained. "We all are. Every day I swim. I surf. I decided we should just live there. I can rent out my place in the Hills and just be more in nature."


Alan Cumming


Alan Cumming played Boris Grishenko in GoldenEye. He makes sure to take care of his skin and shared some of his favorite products with CNN. "I always have a facial mist. I love facial mist. I steal them all from airplanes and things, so I have a whole range, but I don't have special brands. There's a Kiehl's toner that I like, and then La Mer does one. Obviously it costs $75,000 and I made it last for years." 


Daniel Craig

Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Daniel Craig is the current James Bond. His trainer, Simon Waterson, broke down his workout to Men's Health. "We used a lot of resistance bands because we used them for stretching and a lot of cones and hurdles for agility-based exercises. It's making sure that we activate and strengthen all the muscle groups and then have the capability to sprint."


Eva Green

Julien Hekimian/Getty Images

Eva Green played Vesper Lynd in 2006's Casino Royale. She shared her skincare secrets in an interview with ELLE. "I'm a vampire; I use a lot of sun cream. Skinceuticals Ultimate UV Defense is very good. The less you go in the sun the better. I moisturize with Avene. It's a French brand that's really good."


Mads Mikkelsen


Mads Mikkelsen played Le Chiffre in 2006's Casino Royale. He shared how he approaches his career in an interview with Vulture. "My approach to what I do in my job — and it might even be the approach to my life — is that everything I do is the most important thing I do. Whether it's a play or the next film. It is the most important thing. I know it's not going to be the most important thing, and it might not be close to being the best, but I have to make it the most important thing. That means I will be ambitious with my job and not with my career. That's a very big difference, because if I'm ambitious with my career, everything I do now is just stepping-stones leading to something — a goal I might never reach, and so everything will be disappointing. But if I make everything important, then eventually it will become a career. Big or small, we don't know. But at least everything was important."


Naomie Harris


Naomie Harris played Eve Moneypenny in Skyfall. She opened up about her diet in an interview with Shape Magazine. "I'm a really healthy eater. I believe that only through trial and error do you find what works for you, and my diet is based on what I've discovered from years of experimenting and listening to my body. For one thing, I incorporate Ayurvedic principles. That means plenty of warm, nourishing foods like stews and soups, even for breakfast. I have a really fast metabolism, so if I don't eat something filling in the morning, I'll be hungry again in five minutes."


Javier Bardem


Javier Bardem played Raoul Silva in Skyfall. He talked about his career to GQ, and says that he takes jobs that he feels passionate about. "The way I see this is, I take jobs because I believe in them," he says. "Yes, I can do something for money, because we all have to pay our rent, but my objective is to try to do something that is worth it to watch. And for that, I need good material and belief in what I'm doing. When here it was like, 'It's your moment. You're hot. You're hot. Do it.'"


Dave Bautista


Dave Bautista played Mr. Hinx in Spectre. He shared some of his favorite workouts and his diet with Men's Health. "I eat as clean as possible. I was eating mostly vegan, except for eggs because I couldn't give them up for breakfast. I play with my diet a lot. During the day, I am all protein and fats. And then at night, I'll usually have one very low-carb meal."


Stephanie Sigman


Stephanie Sigman played Estrella in Spectre. She talked about being a Bond Girl to "To be honest, there's a lot of expectation and sometimes that's stressing," Sigman admits. "But I try not to think about the expectations of other people because there's always going to be expectations. Some people are going to like what you're going to do some aren't going to like it. That's the way art is. Films are a very personal experience — just like a martini — so I try to think about what I like, what projects I like to be in, and make sure I feel proud about it because at the end, I'm the only one that's going to look back, and feel proud or not about what I was doing."


Famke Janssen


Famke Janssen played Xenia Onatopp in GoldenEye. She talked about how playing a Bond Girl affected her career to "I would say, I can't compare myself to other women and I don't know what their experiences were like. Maybe they weren't even interested in pursuing a career. I don't know. All I can focus on is what I want to get out of what I'm doing."


Michelle Yeoh


Oscar-winner Michelle Yeoh played Wai Lin in Tomorrow Never Dies. To prep for her role in Everything, Everywhere, All At Once, Yeoh worked with D.Y. Sao. "Michelle's age and background in martial arts were not hindrances but rather assets to our work together," Sao told GQ. "Michelle has more energy and stamina than people half her age, and I have worked with martial artists for three decades."


Pierce Brosnan

Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Pierce Brosnan is one of the actors who played James Bond. He tells GQ that he spends a lot of time outside. "I'm right here on the water's edge, so I ride my bike around the Lady Bird Lake of it all, and I've been sculling. I took up rowing, so I joined the rowing club down here. I've been sculling, which I absolutely adore."

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