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Dive into the fascinating world "The Gilded Age," a riveting drama that transports viewers back to the opulence and complexity of late 19th-century New York. The show masterfully intertwines the personal and societal challenges of an era marked by extravagant wealth and stark social divides. We will explore the intriguing lives of the stellar cast, each bringing their own unique stories and struggles to life. This series not only entertains but also offers a rich historical perspective, making it a must-watch for fans of period dramas and those interested in American history.


Taissa Farmiga


Taissa Farmiga plays Gladys Russell on the show. On Instagram, she opened up about her struggles with anxiety, and how she is managing it. "There is nothing wrong with not feeling 'right' or not feeling like yourself. And you shouldn't have to hide it. Anxiety can be a paralysing monster, and it is something I have been dealing with myself."


Carrie Coon


Carrie Coon plays the lead character, Bertha Russell. She opened up about her current marriage to Tracy Letts in an interview with The Guardian. "I have a healthy, happy marriage. When I was younger, let's say I didn't always conduct myself with integrity in my relationships. Now I've found a partner who I can be truly honest with, I never want to go back."


Morgan Spector


Morgan Spector plays lead character George Russell in the series. He shared some of his diet secrets with Spector loves to cook, and shared his favorite meal to make. "I like to grill grass-fed ribeye in the summertime. A good rub on it makes me happy."


Louisa Jacobson


Louisa Jacobson plays Marian Brook on the show. She shared her skincare routine in an interview with IntoTheGloss. In the morning, I wash my face with Goldfaden MD Detox Cleanser, because it's nice and gentle, and it feels like it cleans my face. And then I put on a toner, January Labs. I went into Credo Beauty one day and asked for a toner that doesn't exfoliate, and they showed me that. Beauty is funny because I never really know how much of it is placebo and how much of it is actually doing something. I don't have a real trial and error process for most products. The toner feels really good, it's a cool mist and smells like roses and it makes me feel happy and refreshed. Really, my morning and nighttime routines are the only times I'm actively taking care of myself. Then I use Joanna Vargas' vitamin C serum, Rescue Serum. I think it brightens my face and adds an extra layer of moisture. And then, I use Goop Genes All-in-One moisturizer cream. I love that stuff. It took me a long time to find a moisturizer—I have combination skin—so I was very happy to find this cream because it feels very rich but it does not clog my pores. I use that morning and night. And then twice a week, I'll use African Botanics' enzyme exfoliator cleanser. It smells so good.'


Denee Benton


Denee Benton plays Peggy Scott on the show. She opened up about her growing confidence and how she feels she is coming into herself in an interview with People. "I'm starting to feel more beautiful now than I ever have, and I think it just has a lot to do with maturing," Benton said. "The more I'm becoming myself, coming into my queerness, coming into different parts of myself…the more it's like, I can sort of feel beautiful in any space and have a lot more courage to look the way I want to."


Cynthia Nixon


Cynthia Nixon plays Ada Forte on the show. She shared how she got back into exercise in an interview with Parade. "During the pandemic, I started working out with a [trainer] who my mother-in-law uses, and we're very devoted to her. My wife and I work out with her two to three times a week, as often as we can. I'm not an incredibly athletic person, but during the first months of the pandemic, I really wasn't doing anything. And it was not good for my body. It was not good for my flexibility."


Christine Baranski


Christine Baranski plays Agnes van Rhijn on the show. She shares her wellness approach in an interview with Parade. "I'm not an exercise fanatic or terribly strict about my diet, but I eat well, sleep well and exercise. I just came from a Pilates class and, whenever I can, I power walk, take yoga or dance in my living room. When I have more time, I'd like to go back to my ballroom and Afro-Cuban dancing."


Kelli O'Hara


Kelli O'Hara plays Aurora Fane on the show. She revealed to SELF that she does a lot of running, and she needs to wear sunscreen each time she goes out. "I'm not too picky with what I wear, but I'm definitely a big fan of sunscreen every single day—I'm always lathering it on. I've been using Neutrogena face sunscreen, 110 SPF, but I just use it everywhere. I'm very fair, and when you're spending hours training under the sun, you really need it."


Audra McDonald


Audra McDonald has a recurring role as Dorothy Scott on the show. In an interview with Glamour, she says that she is becoming a lot more accepting of things. "I'm starting to come to a point in my life where I accept that it's going to be what it's going to be. I just dropped my daughter off at the bus, and everybody in my orbit is buzzing around and excited about my concert and the show, but I realized that I don't have to take any of that on. I've done my best to prepare. What's most important is to be present in the moment and try to have the communion between the audience and the performer. All of the rest of the stuff is noise. I've learned that not only do I not have to take on that noise and energy, but it just gets in the way. So that's my relationship with pressure today."


Laura Benanti


Laura Benanti plays the recurring role of Susan Blane, having joined the cast in season two. She talked about how having a child has changed her in an interview with Parade. "It has changed me on such a deeply profound level. For me, being a mother laid bare my fears and some core beliefs that I held about myself that I had not resolved. It made me be kinder to myself in order to be patient and loving with my daughter. When I see how innocent and beautiful she is, I am reminded that is how we all come into the world. It has made me a softer, gentler person.  I want to be my best self for her because I want to make her proud."


Celia Keenan-Bolger


Celia Keenan-Bolger plays Mrs. Bruce on the show. In an interview with TimeOut, Bolger says that she did a lot of reflecting during the pandemic, and incorporated them when the acting world re-opened. "I think now, having been faced with myself, I have some information that I am working to integrate into this reopening. What is it to be reorganized inside and to visit an old space? The good news is that it feels like a lot of the people I am with are also reorganized, and that we're all working to try to bring the good stuff we learned to this thing that we love so much and try to make it better—not just for the community, but also for ourselves."

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