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11 Amazing Bodies of 13 Reasons Why Stars

Unveil the health routines of 13 Reasons Why cast.

Welcome to this look into the personal health and wellness routines of the cast from the hit TV series "13 Reasons Why." We explore the diverse approaches these actors take towards maintaining their physical and mental well-being. From Katherine Langford's skincare secrets to Ross Butler's fitness regimen, and Miles Heizer's thoughts on mental health, each section unveils unique strategies these stars employ to stay in top form. Whether it's through diet, exercise, skincare, or mental health practices, these insights provide a fascinating glimpse into the lives of these sensitive actors.


Katherine Langford


Katherine Langford played lead character Hannah Baker on the first two seasons. She shared her skincare secrets with Glamour. "I love a hyaluronic acid serum, L'Oreal Paris does a really good one –  the Revitalift Filler – and then I usually have a vitamin C and a moisturiser over the top. Then, still sunscreen, of course. I'd say that that's my go-to. And it will change and evolve depending on what I feel like that day."


Brenda Strong


Brenda Strong, who plays Nora Walker, wants to speak out about women's health issues, and took part in a campaign for Pfizer. "It evolved into really helping women transition through every age and stage in their lives in a graceful, easy way," Strong told Medical Daily. "Because life is not always easy for us women — many of us struggle to have children or have difficult pregnancies. Now that I'm at or around that age where menopause is one of those stages, I started realizing there was not a lot I personally knew about it, and I was so happy I had the opportunity to not only learn more myself so I could work with other women, but to do it in a way that was funny and create this video with Pfizer for their 'Let's Talk About Change Campaign.'"


Kate Walsh


Kate Walsh played Olivia Baker on the first three seasons of the show. She tells Coveteur that she makes sure to stay hydrated. "Clearly [I drink a lot of water]—I bring my own water cooler. Lemon is great because the alkaline balances your body. I feel like I'm winning if I drink one of these [jugs] a day, plus a couple more glasses. This will make you do it. It's like a giant sippy cup. Nikki Glaser is like, 'You actually bring your own water cooler—we're having a water cooler conversation right now because you brought yours with you.'"


Alisha Boe


Alisha Boe played Jessica Davis on the show. She shared her self-care secrets with Yahoo Life. "It's a lifelong journey. I remind myself to write down positive affirmations and to care for others — which is a huge practice for me. When I take care of the people I love, I feel loved back… [I also] reach out to my support system when I'm feeling down."


Samantha Logan


Samantha Logan played Nina Jones on season 2 of the show. She revealed to that she believes in saying no to things. "It's about saying no, too. I've had to say no to a lot of things that just didn't resonate with me. I was like, 'You know what? The right thing for me is gonna come. And I'm gonna believe in that.' In this industry, you're going to hear a lot of rejection, as well. And that's OK. That kind of builds character, and it also sets you on a path for success. Because the universe is just lining you up for exactly what is meant for you. And just have fun! We're telling stories! It's the arts! We're having fun! It's not as serious as the industry tries to make it out to be sometimes. Have fun with it and play. We're actors, man."


Ross Butler


Ross Butler played Zach Dempsey on the show. He talked about his secrets for getting in shape for roles to Men's Health. "When I was prepping for Shazam, I met with Thomas DeLauer who's my nutritionist, and he gave me this crazy diet plan," he said. "If I'm going to somewhere where I know there's good food, I'll prep my body."


Miles Heizer


Miles Heizer, who played Alex Standall, talked about therapy and mental health in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "I've gotten a lot of help from other people when I didn't feel like I could talk to my friends or family. I started going to therapy when I was 18 [after] having personal struggles that I didn't feel comfortable talking to my friends or family about. There are just some things you don't want to talk to certain people about. Once I went through therapy it completely changed my life."


Brandon Flynn


Brandon Flynn played the role of Justin Foley for the entire series. He likes to do outdoor activities to stay in shape. Flynn shared this set of photos on Instagram. In them, he is seen kayaking and swimming. Flynn captioned the post, "Islands in the stream."


Sosie Bacon


Sosie Bacon played Skye Miller on the show's first two seasons. She is the daughter of actors Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon. She revealed what advice they've given her to Marie Claire. "The best advice has been about my life and my acting. They always teach me to be honest and true to myself in my career and in real life, and to always work hard."


Parminder Nagra


Parminder Nagra played Priya Singh on the show. She works with trainer, Thalia Thomas to keep herself in shape. "Parminder always looks for a fast, effective way to strengthen but also lengthen her muscles," says Thomas to SELF. "With her busy schedule, she has limited time and needs to make every hour count, so doing SomaSculpt helps her get her Pilates-inspired exercises done but, at the same time, work on her cardiovascular system and spot train problem areas.


Kelli O'Hara


Kelli O'Hara played Jackie in the second season of the show. She revealed to SELF that she loves to run. "I started running when I was 12 or 13 years old, just getting out and running in a way that felt like therapy, where I could think things out," she says. "When I was in my 20s, I would run Central Park all the time, or Riverside Park. That was always my form of exercise and relaxation. But it was more like six miles—it was never 26.2."

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