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19 Amazing Bodies of '90s Icons

Here are their wellness tips.

Dive deep into the personal wellness and diet regimes of some of the most iconic celebrities from the '90s. From the supermodel giants like Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell who revolutionized the fashion industry, to the extraordinary talents in the music sphere like Mariah Carey and Gwen Stefani, this curated list peels back the curtain to reveal the daily routines that help maintain their phenomenal bodies and skins. As we explore the secrets behind their ageless beauty, we also uncover the genuine reflections and philosophies that guide them in their ongoing journeys. Join us as we celebrate 20 amazing bodies of '90s icons, learning from their wisdom, and perhaps finding inspiration for your own wellness journey.


Cindy Crawford


Cindy Crawford shared her daily diet with Into The Gloss. "I usually have a protein shake for breakfast because it's fast — I need to get the kids out the door. For lunch I'll have salad, sometimes with chicken, sometimes without. For dinner we'll go for sushi, or if we eat at home, I'll try to make a meal like turkey meatballs with pasta, a salad, and a vegetable." 


Kate Moss


Kate Moss shared her diet in an interview with The Guardian. "Food is really important. I try to eat healthily. And I do cook, but not as much as I'd like to because I'm busy, but I cook a good roast. I do good breakfasts – eggs are my forte. I really enjoy food, proper food, but I do try to eat more healthily than I used to. I think as you get older you have to. When I was young I was so low maintenance I didn't have to worry. Not what I ate, not about anything really. My skin looks better when I eat well, too. Obviously if you eat all that grease, skin just doesn't look as healthy. I've really noticed an improvement since I've been more 'on it' with food – like eating salads and all that stuff – I never used to really eat salads. And now I'm like, juicing!"


Christy Turlington


Christy Turlington doesn't like to have a strict wellness routine. "Sometimes I run at the end of the day versus the morning only because I'm not really a morning person," she tells SELF. "In the summer when it was super hot, I would just wait until the end of the day to exercise and that was a nice break to transition to the next part of the evening. Then I would come back and make dinner and be able to be present and not be carrying my workday or other anxieties into the evening."


Claudia Schiffer


Claudia Schiffer not only makes sure to eat healthy, she also eats local produce. She shared her favorite meals with Net-A-Porter. "I start my day with quinoa, pineapple, almond slithers and fresh almond milk with dates in it. Lunch usually consists of vegetables and a small amount of turkey, chicken or fish, and it's the same for dinner. Snacks are sheep's or goat's yogurt with banana, chia seeds and flax seeds, and treats are always chocolate, a great red wine or my favorite Leoube rosé. I also love the traditional old-fashioned German stews that my mother used to cook for me, which I now have when I'm with my siblings in Hamburg."


Tyra Banks


Tyra Banks has amazing skin. She shared one of her biggest secrets with TODAY. "Exfoliation was a big deal in our household. Nothing fancy, just a washcloth and using it twice a day. In the morning and at night. A wet washcloth with the same soap that didn't dry you out."


Elle MacPherson


Elle MacPherson shared her wellness approach with Harper's Bazaar. "I believe in maintenance, I'm not a big binge and purge person," she says. "I think it's really important to maintain wellness year-round. Not because it looks good but it actually feels good – which is really important when you're running a business and you've got kids and a full life. It's easy – I just make good choices and I enjoy the choices that I make. I really enjoy a plant-based diet, I love vegetables."


Alicia Silverstone


Alicia Silverstone is a salad lover. She shared a favorite of hers in an interview with Bustle. I'm quite a professional salad maker. I always drizzle lemon or an orange, olive oil, and flaxseed oil, because it makes it buttery. Then umeboshi plum vinegar. Sometimes it's nice to put some kimchi on the side, and I really love the combination of red onions and raisins. I also love cilantro, so lots of that."


Naomi Campbell


Naomi Campbell has amazing skin, and we are lucky that she's shared her tips in interviews. "I cleanse and scrub every day," she said in one. "I take off makeup every night. Hydration, for me, is the most important thing. I like my skin to look greasy and oily. I'm constantly moisturizing—masks, face masks, creamy masks, paper masks. When you're under the lights, the makeup goes really deep into the pores. When I'm not working, I try not to wear makeup at all. I like to just have clean skin."


Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey is quite the interesting figure. And she tells The Guardian that she doesn't care what others think of her, and she wants to put out what she wants. "I don't know and I don't want to know. If I looked at every single thing people say about me I couldn't exist as me, so I'd rather just see certain things."


Tara Reid


Tara Reid isn't afraid to stand up for herself. After being body shamed on social media, she hot back on Instagram. "Stop hating, start loving," she wrote. "No one needs to be body shaming. It's not right, it's not cool and it hurts people. Please don't be one of those people, it does have an effect."


Jenny McCarthy


Jenny McCarthy talked about her approach to fitness with UsWeekly. "[It's] 100 percent not about the weight," she said. "In fact, I don't even own a scale. I haven't owned a scale since my 20s because muscle weighs more than fat. It was about targeting a certain area."


Carmen Electra


Carmen Electra tells Byrdie that she loves to get oxygen facials. "For the past twenty years, my daily three-step skin routine has allowed me to maintain healthy, glowing, and surgery-free skin," Electra said. "When I get an oxygen facial, I feel 10 years younger. The oxygen gets underneath the skin and into the pores, which helps my skin look amazing. That's why I love it."


Gwen Stefani


In addition to being a singer, Gwen Stefani is a fashion and beauty icon. Last year, she launched her makeup line, GXVE in Anaheim. Stefani talked about why she wanted to start this at the launch. "The thing is, is that I don't know why I didn't do this sooner, but I don't think I knew that it was even a thing that you could do back in those times. Like in the '90s, we did music. And we did that for nine years before we were on the radio. Like we were never trying to do anything. We were just being who we were."


Jim Carrey


Jim Carrey talked about some realizations he's had with The Talks. "I guess just getting to the place where you have everything everybody has ever desired and realizing you are still unhappy. And that you can still be unhappy is a shock when you have accomplished everything you ever dreamt of and more and then you realize, 'My gosh, it's not about this.' And I wish for everyone to be able to accomplish those things so they can see that."


Gerri Halliwell

Dave Benett/Getty Images

Ahead of her 50th birthday last year, Gerri Halliwell talked about it in an interview with Amazing Magazine. "Rather than saying I am 50, I'm saying I get to be 50," she says. "I've got half a century under my belt! I thought if I am going to champion the evolution of what I've always stood for – and that's empowering others, whoever you are, and being yourself – actually, another boundary to break is to say, 'It's alright, it's more than alright, it's amazing [to be 50].' I think sometimes we can look at the future with fear, but it's the opposite."


Jennifer Love Hewitt


In a 2013 interview with OK!, Jennifer Love Hewitt talked about her workout routine. "I try to switch it up a bit. I've found that if every week I do something different it tricks my muscles into not getting used to doing any one thing. I've been doing pilates, I've been doing yoga, I've done just plain old walking. I wear 10 pound weights on my ankles while I'm working just so that as I'm moving during the day I'm constantly building muscle. It's not great for your back but I'm doing it anyway. I do a booty workout thing that I just did for Shape, which was really fun. And I do Zumba. I have DVDs and I dance around like a crazy person in my house."


Tia Carerre


In an interview with Yahoo Life, Tia Carerre talked about the changes she's seen in the industry since her career began. "I'm just grateful that things are different now for women," she explains. "I'm really grateful that women have banded together and there are more women in power positions at studios. I know female studio heads that weren't there when I was coming up. And that has made a huge difference, female showrunners and producers and writers."


Joey McIntyre


In an interview with Boston Magazine, Joey McIntyre talked about how he and his family deal with his fame. "Well, my kids want me to be nice, which I am, and I hope that means that I've raised them a certain way. I don't want to make myself sound like a jerk, and I'm not, but basically, if they sense that I'm trying to brush it off, they're like, 'Not cool.' But I'm always flattered. I'm very lucky to do what I do, and to have the fans I have, and at this point, we're older, so it's not so crazy."


Pamela Anderson


Pamela Anderson shared her diet in an interview with Vogue. "I only eat between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. It just makes me feel so great and energized. I've got a great doctor in L.A. who has given me this great vitamin regimen. I'm taking them and eating healthy as I'm vegan."

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