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10 Amazing Bodies of Fire Country Stars

Here’s how they stay in shape.

Call a firefighter; these stars are hot. Prepare to be amazed as we delve into the incredible bodies and lifestyles of the stars from "Fire Country"! From Max Theirot's weightlifting regimen to Jordan Calloway's reflections on identity and activism, the cast brings their A-game on and off the screen. Kevin Alejandro shares his clean eating secrets, while Stephanie Arcilla conquers physical challenges with enthusiasm. Diane Farr explores the complexities of long-term relationships, and Kane Brown rediscovers his youthful vigor through boxing. Michael Trucco fosters a collaborative spirit in directing, and Sabina Gadecki embraces fitness classes for health. Zach Tinker takes his workouts outdoors, and Crystal Balint finds inspiration in her industry peers.


Max Theirot


Max Theirot plays the lead role of Bode Donavan. He shared some of his workout secrets with Men's Health, revealing that he does a lot of weight training. "I do a lot of barbell work to try to build size. I love the incline bench and almost always work with barbells." Theirot also has a different set of workouts that he rotates between. "I will stick to one version for a few months, then switch and do the other."


Jordan Calloway


Jordan Calloway plays Jake Crawford on the show. In an interview with E! News, he talked about growing up as a black man and the impact the Black Lives Matter Movement has had on the acting industry. "My parents wanted me to have an understanding of my identity, to not just be confounded in a stereotype that somebody else may have of me and that I may make of myself. Now, a Black man in the industry, one of the typical ones is getting certain roles that are just the stereotypical, gangster, this, that, you know, as we're kids—we don't have a grasp of everything. But those that are older—the sages of the tribe, as we've seen through history, those are the ones that have a little bit more perspective. And when I say a little bit, I mean a lot."


Kevin Alejandro


Kevin Alejandro plays Manny Perez on the show. He talked about his diet to Men's Journal. "To me the real key to all of it is clean eating; in my opinion, it's 80% diet and 20% hitting the gym," Alejandro says. "I just got to the point where I made almost all of my meals at home, because you never really know what's in [restaurant food], and I wanted to really be in control with the quality of food that I was eating. You want to cheat, but it's relatively easy once you put yourself in the mindframe to avoid those late-night temptations. One thing I did was cook everything and put some of the meals in little plastic containers, so the moment I was hungry, I would throw it in the microwave; so avoiding those temptations became a lot easier for me."


Stephanie Arcilla


Stephanie Arcilla plays the main role of Gabriela Perez. She opened up about getting in shape for the role to TVLine. "It was like a boot camp all at once. I had a blast, though. I'm in the best shape of my life now because of Fire Country, because I had to get strong to be able to carry all of the heavy stuff that we carry, and to be able to do all of our action stuff. I've learned so much from all of my castmates who are incredibly talented."


Diane Farr


Diane Farr plays Sharon Leone on the show. She talked about what she likes about the role to Entertainment Tonight. "It just feels exciting to me to really work through some of those long-term relationship issues on TV because we don't see it a lot. It's all supposed to be sexy about the getting together, but it would be super fun if they let these two really fiery characters wind towards each other and wind away from each other."


Kane Brown


Singer Kane Brown plays the recurring role of Robin. He tells Men's Health that he needs to work out on a consistent basis. "I remember I [worked out] for a couple weeks and then I stopped," he says. "Now that I've been boxing and doing cardio, I feel like my younger self again. I could actually run two miles without collapsing."


Michael Trucco


Michael Trucco plays the recurring role of Luke Leone. He has also directed, and opened up about his process to Exit 6 Film Festival. "My mission statement to myself was to be respectful and inclusive of ALL the different departments that make a production run. I wanted to hear from everyone on what they thought would be the best way to execute the shots that I had envisioned. I know that sounds like an obvious tactic, but there are many instances where a director might start dictating to the crew and I never wanted to establish that reputation. My feeling was that each of these men and women were here for a reason and we're all working toward the same goal. I wanted to hear from them."


Sabina Gadecki


Sabina Gadecki plays the recurring role of Cara. She revealed on a Facebook post that she is taking fitness classes. Thanks to my friend @marymillermethod who encouraged/forced me to pull my calendar out and actually sign up for @thestudiomdr classes," she wrote. "(side note, if you cancel last min you get charged a fee and I'm a cheap ass and that's a noooo go for me) A calendar add might not seem like a big deal, but for the first time with my workouts it made me reliable, even if that workout came at 5am. This year I am going to try soooo hard to nurture my health and maybe say no to some whisky pickle backs along the way. Ughh. That was hard to say. No more excuses."


Zach Tinker


Zach Tinker plays the recurring role of Collin O'Reilly on the show. He does a lot of weight training to stay in shape. Tinker shared this video on Instagram of himself working out outside. In it, he is seen doing shoulder presses with hand weights. Tinker captioned the post, "I've ascended to the next level of quarantine: hair mask and workout."


Crystal Balint


Crystal Balint plays the recurring role of Erica Snow. She opened up about her career in an interview with Pop Culturist. "I've had so many influences on my career, and they've mostly been the people that I've worked with in this industry. I've had the good fortune to work with a tremendous number of really talented, passionate people and also to be coached by and taught by some really terrific folks. So I feel like those have been the biggest influences on not necessarily the direction that my career has taken but definitely on the way in which I approach it and my work."


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