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11 Amazing Bodies of Kristen Stewart and Friends

Delve into the personal wellness routines of actress Kristen Stewart (KStew if you're nasty) and her illustrious circle of friends. Known for her versatile acting skills and remarkable career, including prominent roles in the "Twilight" series, Stewart shares her simple yet effective skincare regimen, emphasizing the importance of hydration and a trusted skincare line. The article also highlights her connections with various Hollywood stars like Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, and Nikki Reed, each sharing their unique approaches to health and beauty. From Kidman's family-oriented exercise routine to Moore's sun-care discipline, and Reed's plant-based diet philosophy, this article offers a glimpse into the lifestyle choices of these celebrated personalities, underscoring the diverse methods they adopt to maintain their well-being and appearance.


Kristen Stewart


Stewart opened up about her skincare routine to The Cut. "I use Proactiv. It works. It's really good. I've used it for a long time. I'm reliant on it. I use their three-step [system]. And I try to moisturize more than I ever had. Apparently, that's good for you. That's about it. I drink a lot of water. Like, if you don't drink water, you look awful."


Nicole Kidman


Stewart has become friends with Nicole Kidman recently. Kidman opened up about her fitness secrets with The LA Times. "I'm sure all working mothers can relate to how hard it is to juggle a family while keeping healthy through diet and exercise! That's why I'm a fan of all types of training. I run, ride my bike, do yoga, whatever I can do and wherever I am in the world. We try to exercise as a family, which makes it much easier to squeeze in among everything else and, of course, much more enjoyable."


Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore has become friends with Stewart. She shared her secrets for healthy skin with The Sunday Times. "My mother has a lot to do with it because she wouldn't let us go in the sun," Moore explained. "She couldn't be in the sun and I look just like her. I wear a sunscreen on my face every day and a hat too."


Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed worked with Stewart on the Twilight films, and the two became best friends. Reed is open about her love of natural foods and products, and shared her diet secrets with Thrive Market. "I live with the philosophy that my body functions better with a mostly plant-based diet, and I definitely feel my best when I eat at least one to two raw meals a day. Getting through an airport with this mission in mind can be tough, but I've learned to enjoy the challenge rather than resent it."


Anna Kendrick


Anna Kendrick is another of Stewart's Twilight co-stars. She shared how her approach to fitness has changed to Shape Magazine. "For a long time, working out meant that the only goal was to change the shape of your body," she says. "But now it's about the strength and flexibility aspects, rather than appearance. I definitely had to shift my thinking about it, from doing something to punish myself to doing something to make my quality of life better."


Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning is one of Stewart's closest friends. On her Instagram stories, Fanning revealed that she loves doing Cardio Barre. "Their workout is seriously the best. Have been doing it since I was in high school! And their on demand vids are saving me right now. Mentally and physically."


Blake Lively

Blake Lively has been spotted hanging out with Stewart. Both she and husband, Ryan Reynolds, work with Don Saladino to get them in shape. Saladino tells E! News that Lively is very consistent. "I really believe that Blake's success recently is an effort to make time and do the best that she can. Sometimes things could get in her way or sometimes things will pop up and she accepts it and she moves on. That's really it."


Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence and Stewart are friends. She shared some of her skincare secrets with Harper's Bazaar. "I think it's important to change up facial products, but I do use retinol under my night cream every night. It says not to use it every night, but I always say, 'Fuck it.'"


Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene is another of Stewart's Twilight co-stars. She revealed her fitness routine to Women's Health. "I'm working with my trainer, Jason [Walsh], on improving my upper-body strength because for me, like a lot of women, it doesn't come that easily. I still have a tough time with pull-ups, so I'm working on jumping and pulling my body up and pulling my knees to my chest. It's really difficult for me. I'm determined to get better at it but my arms are sore!"


Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner and Stewart played love interests in the Twilight films. He opened up about suffering from body image issues after the franchise on his podcast, The Squeeze. "Don't find happiness in what you want your body to look like," he said. "Don't think just because you lose the 20 lbs. or put on the muscle, you're going to wake up and look in the mirror and all of a sudden be happy. That's not where you should be finding value."


Ashley Benson

One of Stewart's close friends is actress Ashley Benson. She shared some of her favorite wellness products and secrets with Bustle. Benson says that she loves to use bath bombs to help her relax. "I have anxiety, and taking the time to myself and just pamper myself a bit makes me feel so relaxed. I use these bath bombs and sit in there for an hour with a face mask on and watch a TV show."

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