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11 Amazing Bodies of Leonardo DiCaprio and Friends

They stay fit.

In the realm of Hollywood's elite, Leonardo DiCaprio and his circle of A-list friends are not only known for their talent but also their commitment to maintaining remarkable bodies and wellness. In this captivating article, we unveil the secrets behind the incredible physical and mental transformations of Leonardo DiCaprio and his close friends. From DiCaprio's love for outdoor adventures to Gigi Hadid's fierce boxing regimen, this piece delves into the fitness routines and wellness philosophies of these iconic personalities. Join us on a journey to discover how stars like Cameron Diaz, Tobey Maguire, Kate Winslet, and more stay at the peak of their health and vitality, and the valuable insights they offer for a balanced and fulfilling life.


Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo DiCaprio told WIRED that he loves doing outdoor activities. "I love being immersed in nature and wild places. I love scuba diving, and I've been up and down the Amazon. But as far as dropping me off with a small bit of rations? Before this movie I wouldn't have known the first thing about it."


Gigi Hadid


DiCaprio was seen hanging out with model Gigi Hadid not long ago. Hadid is open about her love of boxing. She works with trainer, Rob Piela, and the two often will spar together. "She punched me in the face once," Piela told ELLE. "Hard. It was bad. My nose hurt for two months."


Cameron Diaz


DiCaprio's friend, Cameron Diaz, wrote her own book about wellness called The Body Book. In it, she revealed that she isn't afraid of carbs. "I love being active and being able to be mentally present and aware. And therefore, I love carbs. I love them! LOVE THEM!! They are what give me the energy I need to do all the things that I love to do."


Tobey Maguire


DiCaprio has known Tobey Maguire since they were 12 years old. Maguire works with trainer Duffy Gaver to help him stay in shape. Gaver shared how Maguire's workouts have evolved with Men's Health. "Training then and training now is the same training," he says. "The people that want to sell you stuff want to pretend that the fitness industry is massively different now, but it's not. If you want a big back you get it the same way. If you want to put size on your shoulders and arms it comes the same way."


Kate Winslet


DiCaprio has remained close friends with his Titanic co-star, Kate Winslet. She shared her wellness secrets in an interview with "These days, I'm a little more health-conscious in terms of thinking about the next 10 years of my life," she said. "[I] want to maximise my physical strength and keep my skin good without doing anything to my face. I do believe that beauty and wellness really reflects in your face, in your eyes, and how you feel. It goes hand in hand with elegance as well. I think a woman that looks well and confident is innately elegant."


Bradley Cooper


For his role in American Sniper, DiCaprio's friend, Bradley Cooper, did a lot of weight training. "It changes absolutely everything," Cooper told Men's Health. "It changes the way you walk, the way people relate to you. If someone bumps into you on the sidewalk, they kind of ricochet off. You go to a party and everyone's dancing, you're not being moved by anybody."


Jennifer Lopez


DiCaprio is good friends with Jennifer Lopez. The singer and actress shared a lot in an interview with Vogue. She says that she has learned to set boundaries with others. "Knowing that in taking care of yourself, everything will turn out okay, that people will treat you the way you want to be treated and your life will feel good to you. For a long time, I was just like, 'Yes, do whatever you want! I can take it, I'll be here, because I'm really strong, and I'll be fine'. Little by little, it chips away at your self-worth, your self-esteem, your soul."


Joseph Gordon-Levitt


DiCaprio worked with Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the film Inception. To prep for his role in Don Jon, Gordon-Levitt worked with trainer Arin Babaian. "We trained five days a week, and we were in the gym every day, which is not something he was used to," Babaian told "He was also coming off the movie Premium Rush and he was pretty skinny, so we needed to start bulking up, and a lot of that comes from the diet. On a day to day basis, we'd do chest on Monday, back on Tuesday, legs on Wednesday, shoulders Thursday, arms Friday, and the weekend was pretty much his to do as he pleased."


Tyrese Gibson


DiCaprio is close friends with Tyrese Gibson. The actor talked about his exercise secrets with Men's Journal. "Today I run five miles a day, five days a week, and I lift weights," Gibson said. "As long as I can get to five miles per day, I feel great. It doesn't matter if you're walking or running, tell yourself you have to complete the five miles."


Lukas Haas


DiCaprio has known Lukas Haas for years. The two starred in Inception and The Revenant together. Haas is also a musician, and talked about how he started his music career to Vulture. "With acting, you're kind of like a paint color. You're like a color for the director, which is a wonderful, freeing place to be. At the same time, you're never expressing yourself in a pure way. It's always someone else's dialogue. You may adjust it and play with it, and you make it your own, but you're never talking about your own life. You're never expressing yourself in such a direct way. With music, it's pure expression. There's a lot of anxiety involved, but it's real and it's mine."


Orlando Bloom


DiCaprio has been spotted hanging out with Orlando Bloom. The two have gone to Ibiza and to Coachella together. Bloom talked about his training process in an interview with Men's Journal. "I began going to the gym for movies when I was doing The Lord of the Rings, and that was the beginning of a long journey. I worked with my first trainer for about nine years. He traveled with me, made sure I was getting my meals, and the functional training we did was fantastic. But one thing we didn't do was heavy lifting. So there was a curiosity I had about how far I could go if I started picking up big weights. From the very start, I've wanted to evolve the way I work out, and that's always meant finding great people. I can't give sole credit to a single person for my training journey because I've been lucky enough to connect with so many incredible coaches."

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