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5 Amazing Bodies of Love It or List It Stars

This is how they stay in shape.

"Love It or List It," the global home renovation and real estate series, has a unique premise. Featured in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and beyond, each episode presents a relatable dilemma: should a couple renovate their current home or move to a new one? With a skilled designer and a savvy real estate agent at the helm, audiences are treated to a blend of creative makeovers and exciting property hunts. Here we dive into the personal health and wellness journeys of the show's beloved personalities. From Hilary Farr's outdoor passions to David Visentin's fitness regimen, discover the secrets behind the stars' vibrant lifestyles. Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at how these TV favorites maintain their well-being amidst their bustling careers.


Hilary Farr

Hilary Farr is the designer on Love It Or List It. In this blog post on her website, Farr revealed that she loves spending time outside. "For me, I think Nature kindles a deep feeling of a bond with the world around us, and the one we are with. My perfect Valentine's Day would be to bundle up, if it's chilly, and take a walk with your love at dusk, just as the light is changing and the first stars and the moon begin to appear in the sky. Sharing that natural beauty and majesty in stillness together, strengthens the wonder of having found each other in this huge world of our rushing, busy lives. Simply taking the time to be alone and gaze into the vastness of the starry night sky, can solidify and strengthen the bond of friendship and love."


David Visentin

David Visentin via Instagram/Twitter

David Visentin is the real estate agent on Love It Or List It. He makes sure to live a healthy lifestyle. Visentin shared some of his secrets in this Tweet from his account. "I am eating super healthy, drinking LOTS of filtered water, doing constant push-ups, practically biking and jogging around the world."


Neale Whitaker

Neale Whitaker is the interior designer on Love It Or List It Australia. He opened up about his approach to wellness and living well in this post on "We hear a lot these days about wellness, but not so much about living well," he writes. "And there's a difference. Wellness tends to focus on things like health, nutrition, diet and exercise, but living well? Maybe it means something different to each of us, but to me it means finding joy in the moment, and sometimes through the simplest pleasures."


Jillian Harris

Jillian Harris is the designer on Love It Or List It Vancouver. She was previously a cast member on The Bachelor and a lead on The Bachelorette's fifth season. In this post on her website, Harris wrote about her journey to eating healthy.  "I started eating a little bit healthier—nothing drastic, just small changes that I could maintain. This looked like reducing the number of carbs in my diet and skipping fast food and chips (I love chips) and being more intentional about eating plant-based (I'd gotten a little sidetracked with this goal). While there is NOTHING wrong with carbs, in fact, I hear carbs are great for some people, carbs were becoming a crutch for me and something that I would resort to eating instead of eating an assortment of nutritious food."


Todd Talbot

Todd Talbot is the realtor on Love It Or List It Vancouver. In an interview with, Talbot talked about how his family gives back to the Earth. "Rather than focus on the everyday items we, as a family, took a different approach. Three years ago when we looked at our home and the impact that space had on our life and the environment, we decided to start the process of 'right sizing' our life. We started with the actual house—from 3000 square feet in Lions Bay to 1200 square feet in East Vancouver—ultimately meant less stuff. We took on breaking the insatiable habit of over-consumption by physically limiting our space. We think the trickle-down effect has a big impact. Let me tell you, it's like going to the gym consistently. It ain't easy!"

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