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11 Amazing Bodies of Manifest Stars

This is how they stay so fit.

Manifest is a supernatural drama about people who return from a tumultuous flight to learn that five years have passed. It first premiered on NBC in 2018, and was canceled in 2021 after three seasons. It was then picked up by Netflix for a two-part final season and became a smash hit. How do its stars stay so fit? Read on.


Melissa Roxburgh


Melissa Roxburgh played the lead role of Mick Stone on the show. She talked about dealing with an eating disorder, comments on her body, and beauty standards with Shape Magazine. "I think it comes with growing up and realizing the people making those comments are not entitled to make those comments," she says. "I understand aesthetically pleasing people are fun to look at. Great. But that's also not real life and I think the older I've gotten, the more I've realized I don't want to portray unrealistic ideals. That is so not fun and frankly, quite fucking boring."


Josh Dallas


Josh Dallas played the main role of Ben Stone on the show. He also directed an episode of season four, and talked about it to Numero Magazine. "The main thing I learned was that it's about preparation in that situation, to be as prepared as possible as the director. And that's knowing what I wanted from the scene, knowing how I wanted to tell the story visually, knowing what we needed from our characters at that particular time. And then once I had all that preparation as much as I possibly could, I could jump in front of the camera as an actor and be in flow, because I knew that the director had our backs and I knew that the director knew what was going on. So I think as far as directing, it was all about preparation for me and knowing it as well as I possibly could from every single angle that a director needs to know. And then I could be free as an actor in front of the camera."


Athena Karkanis

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Athena Karkanis played Grace Stone from seasons one to three. She also made a guest appearance in season four. Karkanis spends a lot of time outside. One thing she likes to do is to go on hikes. Karkanis shared these photos of herself hiking in Kaaterskill Falls on Instagram. She captioned the post, "Ahhh! The fresh mountain air."


J.R. Ramirez

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

J.R. Ramirez played Jared Vasquez on the show. He talked about how his fitness has changed in the caption of this Instagram post. "You've gotta give credit where it's due. I've spent most of my life trying to put size on. Working out 5 times a week. Trying different trainers. Different workouts… pretty much Bitching n Moaning about how much I hate the gym. Well little did I know one of the main things I was doing WRONG was Overtraining. Bout 8 months ago I found this incredible facility @diesel.optimization in Tampa, Fl. These guys @maxcicero @chrisrentas and many more have taught me how to workout in a way that properly engages my entire body without overtraining. Without feeling like I can get injured. Yes obviously having a trainer there makes a world of difference but The thing that really got me… is I've been doing this all on my own since April and I'm in the best shape of my life. I'm literally lifting two times a week and a day of cardio. That's it…. You guys seriously rock! If you live in Tampa or pop in for abit I highly recommend checking them out! They're the real deal. Much love fellas."


Luna Blaise


Luna Blaise played Olive Stone on the show. She opened up about the show being canceled and picked up with Interview Magazine. "I signed a seven-year contract, we filmed continuously for four years. And then Manifest was canceled on NBC, and I had made my peace with that. But then Netflix picked it up for this last season, and we really did everything for the fans. It's a great ending. And even though it's really hard, I feel like I can finally wipe my hands clean and move forward."


Parveen Kaur


Parveen Kaur played Saanvi Bahl on the show. She talked about being so close with the cast in an interview with Brief Take. "I think that Jeff Rake, our showrunner, has done a really good job of keeping us in the loop, you know, going out for dinners and we have a group chat, we're constantly talking, and we have these means of communications that are with each other that are always open and I think that's part of the reason that we're all working so well together. Also, there's no egos, because we just got lucky! There's no egos on set. I mean, that can change, who knows, we're only in the first season, but I don't know the answer to why we get along. It's just some people mesh and some people don't, and luckily we just happen to be on a show in which everyone meshes very well."


Holly Taylor


Holly Taylor played Angelina Meyer, and joined in the show's third season. She did a "Inside A Day In My Life" interview with UsWeekly. In it, she shared her favorite workouts. "On a day where work starts later, I dig very deep for motivation and try to get a workout in. Boxing is a great mix of cardio, strength and technique."


Alfredo Narciso

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Alfredo Narciso plays the recurring role of Captain Riojas. He is also a Broadway star, and talked about what he likes it to Broadway World. "I do actually prefer theater. I love to rehearse, to discover and then to go out every night in front of an audience just to keep discovering, see how the performance goes. It's fun to work in television and film too but you get one shot at it and then you have to live with what's up there. So there's something really nice about being able to go out there every night and try and see what new things can come out."


Curtiss Cook


Curtiss Cook played the recurring role of Radd Campbell on the show. He talked about his fitness routine to "I realized that in order to keep this physical body, I needed to maintain it. I believe everything should be in moderation, so I started a regime strict enough that if I needed to be in great shape at any point, it wouldn't take months on end to get there. I hover about six weeks out of what I'd call my 'best body', because I'm constantly doing something to maintain it."


Francesca Faridany

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Francesca Faridany played Fiona Clarke on the show. She also played Marie Curie in a play and talked about the experience to Women & Hollywood. "It's essential for me to work with women. When we started this process, I found myself in a room full of basically 98 percent women, and it felt incredible. I realized that it remains very unusual to find myself in a place with that many women. That's the biggest thing about this process that has been so impactful to me."


Elizabeth Marvel


Elizabeth Marvel played the recurring role of Kathryn Fitz. She talked about why she wants her projects to "It's such a democratic approach to the arts, to make it accessible for everyone. The same thing is happening with education. And it's not about simplifying or dumbing down — it's more complicated, more demanding, and in some ways, more rigorous, but it's available to everyone. And that is so moving and so important. I'm so grateful for it because it feels like an act of service. It's not an act of ego."

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