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11 Amazing Bodies of Narcos Stars

They stay fit.

Go behind the scenes of the popular series Narcos and delves into the physical transformations and personal journeys of its talented cast. From Diego Luna's reflections on life after Star Wars to Alyssa Diaz's immersive experiences researching her role as an LAPD officer, this glimpse into the lives of the stars reveals the dedication they bring to their characters. Pedro Pascal's mental and physical transformation for his role in The Last Of Us, Stephanie Sigman's balanced approach to diet, and Boyd Holbrook's dramatic fitness regimen showcase the lengths these actors go to embody their roles.


Diego Luna


Diego Luna plays Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo on Narcos: Mexico. He has also appeared in Star Wars: Rogue One, and talked about taking roles after that to The Guardian. "I was naive at the beginning. I thought: 'Of course, after Rogue One I can do whatever I want and put it out there.' No. You can do another Rogue One, or something of that scale, but it doesn't mean you can go back and do a tiny film and have it released in the same way, or given the same sort of push."


Alyssa Diaz

Presley Ann/Getty Images

In addition to playing Mika Camarena on Narcos: Mexico, Alyssa Diaz also appeared on The Rookie. She talked about training for the latter role to "Because I'm playing an officer, I did a few ride-alongs with the LAPD. I did a couple of those and I got to talk to some female sergeants and female officers and really got their take on being female in a male dominated work force. I asked them what it's like to date, and what it's like being a Mom, when you're managing being an officer. What surprised me, in talking with the female officers, was learning how much is at stake at any given moment. Your life can change in a moment. Whether you're training as a rookie or you're a regular officer with a partner, the people that you work with become your family. Those people have a deep understanding of your life that an outsider just wouldn't. We also did training, so all of that helped me get into character. Plus the uniform also helps because you feel the weight of the belt and the gun and the pepper spray and the baton. Every character is a little different in how I find my way in, but really getting to their base in terms of what makes them who they are, and then I just keep building from there."


Pedro Pascal


Pedro Pascal played Javier Pena on Narcos. He also stars on The Last Of Us. To get in shape for the latter role, Pascal worked with trainer David Higgins. "It was about being mobile and strong and and efficient with his movements," Higgins told GQ. "It was grounded in the character more than anything else. He was playing a sort of tough, hard man so it was more of a mental transformation."


Stephanie Sigman


Stephanie Sigman played Valeria Velez on Narcos. She opened up about her diet in an interview with The Standard. "There's nothing I don't eat," Sigman said. "I can cook, but I keep it simple. When I'm at home, I eat healthy food like fish and salad, but I have a sweet tooth and I love dark chocolate."


Kerry Bishe


Kerry Bishe played Christina Jurado on Narcos. She talked about her approach to playing a character to "One of the ways that I think about my being an artist and an actor is…it's an experiment. I want to find out why you are this way, why you behave that way, why I feel the way I feel, and what does it mean?"


Boyd Holbrook


Boyd Holbrook played Steve Murphy on Narcos: Mexico. He also appeared in the film Logan, and talked about training for the role with Men's Journal. "I started getting 4,000 calories a day and stopped eating carbs and sugar, which is the devil. I also cut out smoking and drinking. I ended up putting on 25 pounds of muscle."


Martina Garcia


Martina Garcia had a recurring role as Maritza on Narcos. She talked about wanting to see a variety of roles for Latina actresses with E! News. "I know it wasn't easy for any of them. Sofía Vergara is another actress that is also smart, funny and beautiful. I admire them all because they're all so different. I think it's important to have different Latinas in Hollywood. There are a lot of ways of being Latina and I believe the world is starting to see that."


Ana de la Reguera


Ana de la Reguera played the recurring role of Elisa Alvarez on Narcos. She shared her skincare tips in an interview with The Bare Magazine. "I go to the dermatologist a lot. I've been going for 14 years. I go two or three times a year and do facials, lasers, and radiofrequency. I spend a lot of money with my dermatologist and maintain with whatever he gives me. I use eye cream, toner, serum and, obviously, sunblock. My dermatologist gave me a good tip: Always refresh your skin with cold water, because heat can cause dark spots."


Beau Mirchoff


Beau Mirchoff played Steve Sheridan on Narcos: Mexico. He talked about getting in shape for Now Apocalypse to AOL. "I wasn't in the best of shape," Mirchoff admitted. "I mean, I was in fine shape, but the script says that this character is 'a statue of David in impeccable shape.' I had been traveling around a lot at the time, and Gregg was really worried that I wouldn't be able to get in shape. I was like, "How much time do we have? Six weeks? Perfect, don't worry about it." So, I lived at the gym. I was doing two-a-days and a diet of basically high protein and counting my calories. Eating clean."


Sosie Bacon


Sosie Bacon plays Mimi Webb Miller on Narcos: Mexico. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Bacon talked about her career, and what advice her parents, Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon, gave her. "I think it's more a general encouragement to trust my own instincts, more than anything. I think that we are the only people that know what we should do. That's been from probably, namely, my mom. That's the best advice that you can get—check in, talk, listen, take your own kind of advice."


Wagner Moura


Wagner Moura played Pablo Escobar on Narcos. He talked about the diet he was on while working on the show to NPR. Moura says that he turned to a vegan diet to lose weight for the show's second season. "Doing the vegan diet wasn't only about losing weight, but getting rid of that character, you know, getting rid of that energy that I was having to live with for two years."

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