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7 Amazing Bodies of Queen Charlotte Stars

This is how they stay royal.

From intense workouts to mindful well-being practices, these actors and actresses go to great lengths to bring their characters to life. Join us on a journey to discover the incredible dedication and commitment of the cast, as they share their fitness routines, mental resilience, and thoughts on diversity in theater. These stars have left no stone unturned in their quest to deliver unforgettable portrayals, both physically and emotionally. Explore the astounding stories of these seven amazing bodies of these Queen Charlotte stars.


India Amarteifio


India Amarteifio played the younger Charlotte in the series. She revealed on Instagram that she has been working with personal trainers. "For the last two to three months, 2-3 times a week [my personal trainers] have been running me into the ground, but in the most rewarding and beneficial way. I have hopefully gained some physical strength, but also [my trainers] have highlighted how important your mental well-being is to your overall health, which I think has been incredibly valuable."


Corey Mylchreest


Corey Mylchreest played the younger King George lll. He tells E! News that he worked with a trainer to prep for the show. "We would start, and I would stop and think, 'I've had a really intense workout, and I won't need to come back for a few days,'" he said. "And then they would say, 'OK, halfway through the warmup.' It was just painful. It was just pain."


Golda Rosheuvel


Golda Rosheuvel plays the older Queen Charlotte. She revealed her training process for the role to Euphoria Magazine. "During shooting and in my normal life, I work out three times a week. I do weight training, and about six weeks before filming, I'd start eating healthy and drinking lots of water because I have to be match fit because it takes a lot of stamina to wear those costumes and those wigs."


Arsema Thomas


Arsema Thomas played the younger Agatha on the show. She talked about the positive response to the show to The Hollywood Reporter. "To see the positive response and the excitement and the applause from the Black community and really from everybody to this character and this story, I think is, unfortunately, the stamp of approval that the industry needs to show that these stories should be told. And you will still be successful in telling these stories — and that's successful in big ass quotes."


Adjoa Antoh

Dave Benett/Getty Images

Adjoa Antoh played the older Agatha on the series. She revealed to Get The Gloss that she loves spending time outside. "It's very grounding to see the ebb and flow of nature when you're going through something in your own body's cycle," Antoh says. "I've found it literally lowers the blood pressure, calms me and allows my eyes to rest in a wider vista away from the tiny screens we're fixed on for so much of the day now. My life has no routine so I just have to build it into my day wherever I'm working. I'll watch the sunrise, swim in the sea at any time of the year or go for a massive walk across the Sussex Downs, with a pair of binoculars, and do some birdwatching. I do it with my husband, too, which is a good way to be more alert to what's going on with each other and offer support."


Sam Clemmett


Sam Clemmett played the role of young Brimsley. He also starred in Harry Potter & The Cursed Child. In a masterclass, Clemmett revealed he had to stay in shape for the role. "It's a very demanding show and very physical. So every day would start with a warm up of things like yoga and cardio to make sure we had the stamina to perform in the shows and not injure ourselves."


Cyril Nri


Cyril Nri played Lord Herman Danbury. He talked about the importance of diversity in theater with The Fix Magazine. "Some of this is about the economic constraints on black and ethnic minorities communities who have less disposable income to spend on such pursuits. But equally if there aren't real efforts made to have the people behind the scenes (directors, producers, writers) and onstage reflect your experience, why would a black audience get the catharsis that they seek from theatre?"

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