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9 Amazing Bodies of The Night Agent Stars

This is how they stay fit.

If you're looking for a new show to watch on Netflix, maybe check out The Night Agent. The show premiered in March, and was renewed for a second season a week later; when Netflix released a list of their most viewed shows in the last six months, The Night Agent was #1. The show is based on a novel and is about an FBI agent, Peter Sutherland, trying to find a mole. He teams up with and helps protect a tech CEO named Rose Larkin. How do the stars of this megahit stay so fit? Read on.


Gabriel Basso

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Gabriel Basso plays the lead role of Peter Sutherland. He talked about training for the show with Us Weekly. "I already was in shape because I fight and stuff in real life and I compete and train. But I think the biggest thing for me was going back to early 1900s where their approach to health was health first, rank second and looks third. And sort of the aesthetic and looking good is a byproduct of the first two. It's not the emphasis."


Hong Chau


Hong Chau plays Diane Farr on the show. She also starred in The Whale, and talked about auditioning for the film with Cosmopolitan. "I'm so glad I took that leap of faith and went to New York to work on this little film with such an intimate cast and a big story. It just felt truly miraculous that we got to work on something that beautiful with all of the craziness going on in the world at the time."


DB Woodside

Gilbert Flores/Getty Images

DB Woodside plays Erik Monks on the show. He previously starred on Lucifer, and shared his training process for that show on Facebook. Woodside revealed that he took up swimming. He wrote, "It's time to switch it up. I've always been an avid swimmer but stopped so I could bulk up for the show. I think it's time to go back to the pool full time and really lean out. Different approach means a different look. Let's see what happens."


Luciane Buchanan

John Phillips/Getty Images

Luciane Buchanan plays the role of Rose Larkin. She likes to spend a lot of time outside, and shares a lot of posts on Instagram of herself doing outdoor activities. In this post, Buchanan went bungee jumping in Whistler. She also shared this photo of herself enjoying a day at Hunua Falls. 


Fola Evans-Akingbola


Fola Evans-Akingbola plays Chelsea Arrington on the show. She opened up about her journey to loving her hair with Infringe. "It took me so long to love my hair. As an adolescent, I was starting to think, what counts as pretty, what counts as beautiful? The boys that I'm around, are they liking me? I was coming to realise that there was a specific version of beauty out in the world that was appreciated, and I just didn't feel like it was me. And a lot of that was to do with my hair. So, I would do nothing with it: get it away from my face, tie it up. But at my first part-time job, the look policy was that you had to wear your hair down and natural. Even though the look policy in the shop was itself a bit problematic, I'm always thankful for it because it was there that I would be getting compliments, and it helped me realise, actually my hair is quite nice! That started the journey for me, but what really changed it was finding the right hairdresser. And I cried the first time I went to that salon. I had no idea that my curls could be defined, and healthy, and bouncy."


Sarah Desjardins


Sarah Desjardins plays Maddie Redfield on the show. She shared some of her favorite workouts with Photobook Magazine. "I am a physically active person. I love running, strength training, Pilates, being outside in nature. Maddie, however, did not 'require' much physical preparation. She's the Vice President's daughter and an art student. She's not expecting what's about to happen to her so I didn't feel the need to do anything specific in terms of physical preparation."


Eve Harlow


Eve Harlow plays Ellen on the show. She talked about her personal success to TVLine. "My family immigrated from Russia to Israel to Canada, and there were, like, five of us sleeping on the floor of a one-bedroom. That is where I come from, so the fact that I get to pay my bills by acting is a dream come true. That in itself is a victory for me."


Amanda Warren


Amanda Warren will be joining the cast in season 2, playing Catherine Weaver. She shared her wellness tips with Healthy Living Magazine. "Cardio is vital. I do indoor cycling as much as I can at Cyc Fitness here in New York. Yoga is excellent! It not only keeps me healthy physically but mentally and spiritually also. If you're like me, yoga is particularly great if you don't necessarily do free weights as often as you should making it a nice alternative to building nice, lean muscle. If I can't get to the gym as often as I would like to, I usually don't worry about it. I'm a born and raised New Yorker so walking is in my bones and, after the day is done—especially during the spring and summer seasons—I've usually done an hour of walking. Just walk everywhere. I walk even to and from gym which I count as my warm up and cool down."


Kari Matchett

Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

Kari Matchett plays the recurring role of President Travers. She tells Brit + Co that she loves salads, and even shared her favorite recipe. "If I ever go over to anybody's house for dinner, I am always the designated salad person. So if I were to ever open a restaurant, it would be a salad restaurant. I believe in the power of salads. I'm particularly in love with arugula [and I love] different variations. So a little bit of olive oil, the best sea salt, [and] a squeeze of lemon juice. You can do no wrong."

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