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10 Amazing Bodies of The Witcher Stars

They stay superfit.

Toss a coin…towards your gym membership! Welcome to a behind-the-scenes look at the incredible physiques of the stars from "The Witcher"! From Geralt of Rivia's protein-packed secrets to Yennefer's focus on mental well-being, the cast's fitness and lifestyle choices offer a glimpse into their world. Joey Batey and his co-stars rely on trainer Leanne Marshall to keep up with Henry Cavill's demanding physique, while MyAnna Buring advocates for gender equality. Freya Allen shares her love for character analysis, and Mecia Simson enjoys luxurious workouts. Royce Pierrson, the chef at heart, adds flavor to his life. Stay tuned for more insights into the enchanting world of "The Witcher" stars!


Henry Cavill


Henry Cavill plays the lead character, Geralt of Rivia, on the show. He shared some of his fitness secrets in an interview with GQ. "The protein shakes before bed, they are a real lifesaver for me. Especially with the amount of work, with the amount of output I have. It's important to make sure that all the right stuff is getting in at the right time so you don't lose anything and you're not wasting any time at the gym."


Joey Batey


Joey Batey plays Jaskier on the show. He and some of his co-stars work with trainer, Leanne Marshall, to stay in shape. "I got Paul Bullion and Joey Batey in shape for "The Witcher," Season 2," Marshall said to Muscle & Fitness. "We know that the gents in that show have physically demanding roles, but they also need to stand up to incredible physiques like Henry Cavill!"


Anya Chalotra


Anya Chalotra plays Yennifer of Vengerberg on the show. In an interview with Vogue, she opened up about her mental health and how she takes care of it. "I have good days and bad days. Sometimes I'm confident, sometimes I'm not. Sometimes I'm scared to be in a group environment and sometimes I relish it. And sometimes, I can't string a sentence together. It's all to do with my body and my hormones changing day to day as a woman. I genuinely feel like I'm evolving every day. It's very important to me that I check in with myself to make sure that whatever mood I'm in, I'm good to myself."


MyAnna Buring


MyAnna Buring played Tiassa de Vries on the show's first three seasons. Buring is a proud feminist and talked about this to The DailyMail. "It seems to have become something that only women can discuss and that's ludicrous – we can't change anything without men being involved too, it has to be all of us. I don't have children but I often think about what I would want for my son or daughter and the fact is I'd want the same things. I'd want both of them to be happy, confident and filled with the belief that they could do anything as long as they worked hard enough at it."


Freya Allen

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Freya Allen plays Ciri on the show. She talked about what she likes about acting to Numero Magazine. "I've always loved analysing people's behaviour and the reason behind why they are the way they are. I find it really interesting and that's basically the job. But what also really excites me is any opportunity where I get to work with brilliant writers and/or directors. Those projects are rare, but even if it's just the audition process and you don't even land it, it's still fun to get to even read those kinds of scenes. I think I also love the camaraderie of it. There's something so special about a film set and getting to feel a part of a large web of people, all putting their effort into one final project. I don't know if there is a kind of role that challenges me the most, as every role is a challenge because I want to do a good job. I think if you have good writing, that definitely reduces your challenges."


Mecia Simson


Mecia Simson plays Francesca Findabair, and joined the show in season two. She shared her favorite workouts with The Standard. "I've got a gym where I live, so I use that a lot. I've got a Soho House membership, so I'll use the White City gym to make the most of it. It's quite far, but it's like a little day out. They've got a swimming pool and steam room, so if I feel like a more luxurious workout, I'll go there."


Royce Pierrson

Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Royce Pierrson plays Istredd on the show. He revealed to Fabric Magazine that he loves to cook, and even thought about being a chef. "I always wanted to do something where you are creating something from different components – I have always been drawn to things like that. I still enjoy cooking, but it's usually very obscure stuff. I do it by taste. So, when I cook for my fiancée, she is very wary, because I put in so much stuff. And I'm like, 'please, just try it, I swear to you it tastes good!' And most of it does taste good, but there is a certain per cent that you really don't want to go there!" 


Shaun Dooley

Mike Marsland/Getty Images

Shaun Dooley had a recurring role of King Foltest on the show's first two seasons. He talked about wanting to give back to children's charities to "I can't handle anything to do with kids in pain and suffering . I was asked to do 'An evening with…' back in my home town of Barnsley. The idea of me sitting on a stage and talking about ME and how wonderful it is to be me, and get paid for it made me feel ill. Then I thought; what a great chance to raise money for a charity. I trawled the internet for a Barnsley charity and fell upon the Pippa Jones Trust. I was instantly moved by their story and what they were doing for others and so approached them, asking permission to give my fee and sell off autographs and pictures etc on the night. I never expected them to ask me to be a patron but I'm very proud to be so."


Graham McTavish


Graham McTavish plays Sigismund Dijkstra, and joined in the second season. He tells Train Magazine that he needs to workout on a regular basis. "If I ever miss exercise for one or two weeks, the sluggish feeling I get is enough to get me back in the gym. I enjoy feeling my body functioning as it was designed to. The feeling of not being bloated, and tired, or feeling a sugar crash is a good feeling to have. Your body adapts to what it's used to. If it's always told it needs to be fit and capable because of the demands you place on it, it will become fit and capable. If your only demand on it is to sit still for hours on end, it will adapt accordingly."


Bart Edwards


Bart Edwards plays Duny and Emperor Emhyr var Emreis. In an interview with The Italian Reve, Edwards revealed that he is a vegetarian. Better Health states that being a vegetarian has some health benefits. "A well-balanced vegetarian or vegan diet can provide many health benefits, such as a reduced risk of chronic diseases, including: obesity. Coronary heart disease. Hypertension (high blood pressure). Diabetes. Some types of cancer."

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