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11 Amazing Bodies of Vanessa Hudgens and Friends

Here’s how they stay in shape.

We're spilling all the wellness secrets of your favorite celebs, all pals of Vanessa Hudgens. From her homemade skincare routine to Sarah Hyland's beauty philosophy, we've got the inside scoop. Ashley Tisdale shares her fitness tips, while Rosario Dawson talks about her love for the outdoors. Struggling with acne? Alexandra Shipp's diet might inspire you. And there's more – Selena Gomez on mental health, Morgan Marcell's dance journey, and DJ GG Magree's recovery rituals. It's not just about looking good; it's about feeling great and living healthily. 


Vanessa Hudgens


Hudgens opened up about her skincare routine to New Beauty. She says that she uses a homemade face mask. "I made my Glacial Clay Mask out of necessity. I love clay masks, but they always dried my skin out…so I set out to create one that would pull out impurities, and leave my skin hydrated. I added sea kelp to reduce fine lines, and lactic acid to remove dead skin cells and even skin tone. I'm very proud of it and use it religiously." 


Sarah Hyland


Sarah Hyland and Hudgens are best friends and were bridesmaids in each other's weddings. Hyland opened up about her beauty routine to Glamour. "I think trends in general are kind of B.S. If you're comfortable in your own skin and you love the way that you look, then that's the most important thing. If you feel good, you look good, and if you think you look good, then you feel good. I don't think anyone else's opinion should matter on that."


Ashley Tisdale


Ashley Tisdale has been best friends with Hudgens for years. The two starred in High School Musical together. Tisdale shared her secrets for incorporating movement into her day on her Instagram stories. "Taking the dogs out with the baby for a stroll, taking meeting while walking versus sitting. It's honestly what has helped my mental health as well. Having the extra energy from anxiety, just taking a walk and putting on a walking meditation always makes me feel better."


Rosario Dawson


Rosario Dawson is close friends with Hudgens. Dawson talked about her wellness secrets with EatingWell. She says that she loves spending time outside. "Spending time on our screens all day isn't natural. We're not computers, we're not robots, we are alive and need to be in the alive world around us…I'm not a big workout-y person … but as a born-and-raised New Yorker, I'll walk 100 blocks and not even think about it…I love sleeping outdoors. I love camping and hiking. I'm big into views."


Alexandra Shipp


Alexandra Shipp attended Hudgens' bachelorette party. She struggles with acne and shared her secrets in an interview with The Cut. "With cystic acne, you can feel good and then wake up looking like you had spider bites across your face. To counteract the testosterone, I try to eat things with a lot of estrogen. I eat soy. I'm vegan so that balances it too. We are what we eat. I had to figure that out. I was working so much and my skin was so bad. I only felt pretty when I was wearing makeup. My blemishes are part of me but don't define me."


Selena Gomez


Hudgens is close friends with fellow Disney star Selena Gomez. The two also starred in Spring Breakers together. In an interview on her company, Wondermind's website, Gomez shared her advice for taking care of her mental health. "I don't love giving advice because I don't have all of the answers. I'd say, though, find a friend or a family member you feel comfortable talking with and open up about what you are feeling.  It's very freeing to open up to someone.  There is so much strength in being vulnerable."


Morgan Marcell

Mike Pont/Getty Images

Hudgens has become friends with Broadway star, Morgan Marcell. She opened up about her dance background with VC On Stage. "I started training when I was three, but I actually quit from seven to eleven. I was doing a lot of TV and film stuff. And then I got kicked out of a number in regional theater because I couldn't tap, so I said to myself, 'Never again!' and went back into jazz and ballet. I trained with great teachers, day in and day out, for a year-and-a-half which was when I got the show. My training is mainly in hip-hop, ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance."


GG Magree

John Parra/Getty Images

One of Hudgens' closest friends is DJ GG Magree. In an interview with DJ Life Magazine, Magree talked about how she recovers from long days and touring. "I surround myself with my friends and love hard on my body. Touring is super-aggressive physically and mentally, so when I'm back from a week of shows, I'll always try take a couple mornings to work out, hike, hang out with my friends and get some early night rest. I'm pretty good at pulling myself out of dark places fast and I can thank my parents for that. They taught me a lot about mental health growing up."


Monique Coleman


Hudgens worked with Monique Coleman on the High School Musical films. Coleman was also a guest at Hudgens' wedding. In an interview with Celeb Secrets, she talked about wanting to make a difference, and shared her advice for doing so. "I think the first thing is to start with what you're passionate about or what makes you mad. A lot of the times we're looking for someone else to solve the things that upset us. If you're the one who's bothered by it, you're a great place to start in order to help fix it."


Brenda Song


Hudgens is close friends with fellow Disney star Brenda Song. She talked about her career goals with The Cut. "I want my career to be a staircase: moving up, finding jobs I love and working with people that I admire, and making a product I'm proud of," Song said. "I think that's all you can ask for. I'm not going to sit here and say, 'I want to win an Oscar one day.' For me, that's not necessarily a goal. That's a by-product of working on a project you're really proud of. When I was younger it was more, I want to star in this movie, I want to work with this person. Now I just want new adventures, constant challenge, and growth."


Andrew Garfield


Hudgens worked with Andrew Garfield on the film Tick, Tick…Boom! Garfield also starred in Silence and put himself on a diet and had been in a strange environment. "[I was] away from all the people I love and all the things that I love, the places and not being able to eat, not being able to go out. I didn't really socialize, I isolated myself as much as possible," he revealed to People. "It gave me so much clarity about what was important to me in my life, about who was important, and about what kind of food I missed and the restaurants I was excited to visit after."

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