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Amazing Race Star Elissa Slater in Workout Gear Says "I Love Inversions"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Elissa Slater is best known for competing on the fifteenth season of Big Brother. She finished in 6th place and was named America's Favorite Player at the end of the season. Slater also competed with her sister, Rachel Reilly, on the 31st season of The Amazing Race. Slater is a fitness expert and shares a lot of posts on Instagram of herself doing yoga. She captioned one video, "I love inversion… they can help increase circulation, energy levels & build strength & flexibility- Forearm stand is one of my favorites bc it helps me increase my spinal flexibility – I use my upper body moving forward to create a deep backend!"  How does she stay so fit? Read on to see TK ways Elissa Slater stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Stays Hydrated

Slater is also a registered skincare nurse. She shared some of her skincare secrets in the caption of this Instagram post. "A few of my top recommendations (💉other than booking a medical aesthetics appointment with me💉):  Hydrate throughout the day, when you are active & losing electrolytes it is necessary to replace those. I use @pedialyte after every intense workout and drink water as well."


She Plays Tennis

Slater loves to play tennis, and shared these photos and a video of herself on the court. The Colombia Association states that tennis has a lot of benefits. "Tennis includes short bursts of activity, it offers the same conditioning benefits of interval training, which has an unparalleled positive effect on the heart and lungs, slashing your risk of heart disease by 56% (!). Just an hour of play burns between 400 to 600 calories."


She Cooks

Slater loves to cook. She shared her recipe for pot roast in this Instagram post. Slater captioned the post, "New Year dRoppin New *Healthy* Recipes 💧:Let me know in comments in if you want more recipes⤵️POT ROAST RECIPE: ROAST: SHOULDER (**TENDERIZE W/ WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE**) BASE: 1 CUP RED WINE. 3 PACKS LIPTON ONION SOUP MIX. SALT. PEPPER. FRESH ROSEMARY. FRESH PARSLEY. 3 TBS ITALIAN SEASONING. A1. VINEGAR (APPLE & BALSAMIC). VEGGIES: CELERY. 7 ONIONS. 7 CARROTS. 7 QUARTERED WHOLE POTATOES."


She Sets Goals

Slater is a big believer in setting goals. She talked about the importance of this in the caption of this Instagram post. "Finishing my year with all the things I love 🧘‍♀️🧴& family-I am VERY GOAL ORIENTED & As I reflect on 2023 I originally thought that maybe I didn't do enough… that's always my thought process… forward… how can I get better- & then I wrote down what I wanted to accomplish & I saw that I actually did complete the goals I set … and even if I had not, I need to thank myself for the accomplishments that I did achieve in 2023 – 2024 is our year… set goals… make a plan to achieve them & remember this is YOUR LIFE- nobody's going to live it for you so go out there & work for what you want! Cheers to 2023 & an even better 2024."


She Does Yoga

As you can see from her recent post, Slater loves to do yoga to stay fit. According to Harvard Health, yoga has a lot of benefits. "Researchers found that people who practiced yoga were more mindful eaters, according to their scores. Both years of yoga practice and number of minutes of practice per week were associated with better mindful eating scores. Practicing yoga helps you be more aware how your body feels. This heightened awareness can carry over to mealtime as you savor each bite or sip and note how food smells, tastes, and feels in your mouth."

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