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Amber Phillips Shares Swimsuit Photo in "Mykonos Outfits"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Amber Phillips has a prominent following on TikTok. She shares a bunch of videos of her life. Phillips recently enjoyed a trip to Mykonos. She shared a new video on her account with a friend. In it, the two posed in different outfits. Phillips captioned the post, "Mykonos outfits with my bestie." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Amber Phillips stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Works Out Her Legs

Phillips shares a lot of her favorite workouts on TikTok. One thing she likes to do is work out her legs. She shared this video of herself doing leg exercises at the gym. In it, Phillips is seen doing side leg lifts and donkey kicks with weights, and squats and bridge raises with a dumbbell. She captioned the post, "Becoming a better me." 


She Works With A Trainer

One thing Phillips does to stay in shape is work with a personal trainer. In her leg workout TikTok, she revealed in the video's words that she did the session with a trainer. Having a trainer or fitness professional work with you has a lot of benefits. The Australian Institute of Fitness states, "Having an educated personal trainer beside you to demonstrate the correct posture and technique is invaluable. A personal trainer will ensure clients are performing exercises correctly and efficiently, in order to maximise results."


She Weight Trains

Phillips likes to weight train to stay in shape. In her leg workout TikTok, she is seen using a dumbbell and a leg weight machine. In this video, she is seen doing a dual pulley row. Weight training has a lot of benefits. The Mayo Clinic states, "Strength training can help you manage or lose weight, and it can increase your metabolism to help you burn more calories."


She Cooks

Phillips is an avid chef. She shares a lot of her favorite recipes on her TikTok. Phillips is known for making takeout foods at home. She makes a lot of healthy recipes. In this video, Phillips is seen making chicken tacos and guacamole. And in this video, she is seen making lamb kebabs for a barbecue.


She Likes Chicken

Phillips is a big fan of chicken. In this TikTok, she is seen making butter chicken. Phillips captioned the post, "Butter chicken, Indian fakeaway." Chicken has a lot of benefits. A study in the National Library of Medicine states, "Meat and its derived products provide relevant quantities of essential nutrients at higher concentrations compared with other foods. The nutrient content in the animal's musculature does not vary significantly between species, whilst the ratio between fat and muscle mass in the edible part does vary considerably. The quality of animal fat and the amounts of nutrients largely depend on the animal's diet or its genetic pattern, despite the fact that recent specific farming techniques (organic, free range) have been shown to influence some compositional aspects of meat (specifically, poultry meat). Cooking and heating processes usually have only minimal effects on the nutritional profile of meat, mostly corresponding to the concentration of nutrients (including fat) and a decrease in water content. In particular, the energetic value of poultry meats varies between chicken breast and chicken thighs with skin: the presence of skin (due to its fat content) increases the caloric value by around 25–30%. It must be noted that cooking also affects energetic value, which increases by 30–50% for meat with skin (essentially due to a loss of water during the cooking process)."

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