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Ana Ivanović In Workout Gear "Went Out For a Run" With Bastian Schweinsteiger

“Went out for a run 🏃🏻‍♀️."

Tennis champion Ana Ivanović had fun doing one of her favorite workouts—going for a run with husband Bastian Schweinsteiger. Ivanović, 36, shared a picture of herself wearing a blue shirt and white visor, smiling with Schweinsteiger posing in the background against a backdrop of trees. "Went out for a run 🏃🏻‍♀️. Check out @bastianschweinsteiger new post to see how he tries to catch up 😅," she captioned the post. Ivanović's approach to training is unsurprisingly intense and disciplined—here's how she takes care of her health and wellness.


Training Every Day

Ivanović works out and trains on a daily basis, building strength and improving technique. "I train every day except when I'm on a long-haul flight," she told Women's Health. "I do two hours on the court working on my stamina and technique and follow that with 30 minutes of bodyweight training like squats, press-ups and burpees. Preventing injury is so important. I activate the muscles in my core and back on a daily basis to keep it strong. TRX training and low-weight, high-rep strength sessions are essential."


Healthy Habits

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Ivanović is a strong proponent for a balanced life. "I keep a healthy body, a healthy look," she told Vogue. "It's important not to be obsessive about anything—fitness, training, eating—because then you end up focusing on only that. And you can't obsess about anything when you're on the road… I lift weights. A lot of it is endurance."


On the Run


For Ivanović, running is a soothing and relaxing activity. "It surprises a lot of people, but I really love running," she told Women's Health. I can go out wherever I am in the world for 40 minutes and clear my head – it's like a form of meditation. When I get downtime I love a glass of red or white and I make a mean chocolate brownie – I'm no Jamie Oliver, but they're not bad!


Wellness and Rest

Ivanović is careful to make time for rest. "Wellness to me means taking care of my body," she told The Cut. "It means a lot to me because I have a lifestyle where I travel to a lot of different time zones and food conditions and have to compete on a high level. You really have to take care of your body, your mind, your food as well. It's very important to listen to my body, to what I need. But I always try to find time for myself."


Beauty Secrets

Ivanović uses Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream to fight off dryness. "I'll use it sometimes for elbows, or when I travel on a plane because you get so dehydrated," she told Vogue. "I have a lot of hair, and it's quite heavy: Sometimes I'll braid it for a match so it's all together. In cities like Miami, my hair can get so frizzy, it looks crazy. I use TRESemmé Extra Hold hairspray. I use a lot of it."

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