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Andi Dorfman In Workout Gear Honeymoons In Japan With Blaine Hart

“Arigato for a great start to the honeymoon.”

The Bachelor star Andi Dorfman is enjoying a magical honeymoon in Japan and Thailand with new husband Blaine Hart. Dorfman, 37, shared highlights from the trip, including pictures of herself wearing green leggings and a sweatshirt, posing next to a bike. "And just like that we did Kyōto and Osaka … two very different places but both equally cool and charming! If Kyoto was the epitome of tradition, Osaka was the epitome of vibes! Arigato for a great start to honeymoon, Japan. Next up, Thailand!!! ⛩️ 🏖️" she captioned the post. Here's what Dorfman's health and wellness regimen looks like.


She's a Runner

Dorfman started running when she first moved to New York City. "It became a cool way for me to see the city by foot, which is so much different than driving around," she told Health Digest. "I was never a runner growing up. I played tennis, and I remember I used to fake injuries to get out of the running portion of the conditioning. People will laugh — my family — that I'm a runner now."


Marathon Training

Dorfman used a professional coach while training for the NYC Marathon. "I had a coach who designed a training program for me, and we worked out a running schedule for every single week," she told Parade. "But if you don't have a coach, there are a million great programs and apps out there. I basically ran three days a week. Two of them would be either sprints or endurance, like hills. And then each weekend I would do a long run that got progressively longer over time. So you'd start maybe at 20 minutes and then the next week is 30. The next week it was 40."


Struggle With Self-Confidence


Dorfman has learned to speak to herself with kindness. "I've struggled with self-confidence in the past just like so many other women and men have, and I learned that a really great way to build up your confidence is to speak to yourself like you'd speak to a friend or a family member," she told Bustle. "We're so often doling out compliments to other people yet can be so hard on ourselves, but giving yourself a compliment is not being self-centered or narcissistic — it's giving yourself self-worth and self-love."


Eat Carbs

Dorfman fuels her runs with carbohydrates. "People always think carbs are your worst enemy," she told Parade. "But when it comes to running, your body needs carbs and your body needs certain proteins at certain times. So it's important to know what you're putting into your body and to eat purposefully."


Rest and Recovery

Dorfman knows how important rest and recovery is for fitness. "My coach always said, 'The gains are in the recovery,'" he told Parade. "I would take an Epsom salt bath. I was always stretching, lots of hydration afterwards. Lots of electrolytes like Gatorade Zero or Powerade. Whatever amount of time I worked out was the amount of time I also recovered. You're never going to get your best workout if you're feeling sore and you're going to feel sore if you don't stretch."

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