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Andréa Sunshine in Two-Piece Workout Gear is "Happy the Way I Am"

“Life is about choices, happiness is about decisions."

Andréa Sunshine is a fitness superstar and competitor. She shares a lot of videos on Instagram of herself working out. In a recent post, Sunshine is seen dancing in the gym. She wore a red set of workout clothes. Sunshine captioned it, "Life is about choices, happiness is about decisions. I decided to no care about what people think or say about me. I am just happy the way I am. What about you?" How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Andréa Sunshine stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She's Consistent

Sunshine makes sure to stay consistent when it comes to her fitness. She talked about this in the caption of this Instagram post. "A little progress each day adds up to big results. Begin with a workout routine that's manageable for your fitness level. Start with a few minutes of cardio and strength training each day, and increase the intensity and duration as you build endurance. What are you waiting for?"


She Walks

Sunshine likes to spend time outside. She shared this video on Instagram of herself walking by the beach. Sunshine captioned the post, "And so our unforgettable days continue, exploring memorable places, with incredible landscapes. We are discovering ourselves, discovering together things we had never experienced or known before. My days here on this Norwegian island have been full of great emotions, feelings, affection, and lots of love. How wonderful it is to be able to experience all of this with you, how wonderful it is to have had this opportunity to live all of this today. I am so grateful to the universe for the privilege of feeling, seeing, and living so much emotion mixed with so much beauty, love, and joy."


She Swims

Sunshine also likes to go swimming to stay fit. She shared this photo on Instagram of herself in the ocean. Sunshine captioned it,"May the superior spirits always guide and illuminate the lives of those who nurture faith, joy, and unconditional love. May divine protection manifest daily in every act of goodwill and good conduct. May God continue to open doors, bringing hope and happiness to those who patiently maintain their faith and wait for what they deeply desire and seek. May the higher forces, the elementals, and the entire spiritual fraternity always be present in everyone's daily struggles, providing strength, comfort, and warmth to the hearts of those who believe in better days."


She Works Her Upper Body

Sunshine shared some of her favorite upper body exercises in this video on her Instagram. She captioned the post, "Some serious upper body training. 💪🏼 when you enjoying what you do, you forget the time. Up to 6hs training unbelievable how is the resistance and the strength of our mind. The giant is back, and I am so proud of it! Good job Sunshine ☀️"


She Follows Her Passions

Sunshine is all about following her passions. She talked about this in the caption of this Instagram post. "There is nothing better than doing what makes you feel good and fulfilled as a person. One of life's greatest gifts is recognizing that your deepest passions need to be explored and nurtured. By dedicating time and energy to our true passions, we find a greater sense of purpose in our actions and an inexhaustible source of satisfaction and happiness. It's essential to remember that the path to personal fulfillment is unique to each individual, and recognizing and following our passions is a fundamental step toward living a full and authentic life. Therefore, never stop investing in your passions, as they are the key to your personal fulfillment and a life filled with meaning."

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