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Angela Hill in Two-Piece Workout Gear is "Back at It"

She recently shared a training video on her Instagram.

Angela Hill is a MMA Fighter, known as Overkill. She recently shared a training video on her Instagram. Hill captioned the video, "BACK AT IT! Quick round in my new @shadowfightgoods gloves after a killer @erodingweakness session at @weckmethod. Me and my team, were motivated, hungry, ready to get what's ours." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Angela Hill stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Does Conditioning Workouts

Hill shared her daily routine in an interview with ESPN. She says that the first workouts she does are conditioning ones. "I get to the gym at about 8 a.m. ET to get in a quick conditioning set. Here, I'm doing squat raises with just the bars so my arms don't snap off. This is one of my least favorite exercises because it targets a lot of small muscles I'm not used to using. I'm working my way up to a heavier weight but the bar will do for now. After this I'll move on to squats, lunges and presses. Conditioning is my least favorite part of training. It's repetitive, boring and hard. I like to think of it like taking medicine; you hate it in the moment but the results keep you coming back."


She Trains With Her Husband

Hill tells ESPN that she likes to train with her husband. "Adam isn't just my husband, he's my sparring partner, coach, corner man, nutritionist and daily motivator. He's a pretty good catch. Right here he is pulling an eyelash out of my eye. He probably punched the lash loose a few minutes ago doing slip-and-counter drills. That's when your pad holder throws a pad at your face, you duck under it, making him miss, and then you attack while he recovers his balance. Sometimes you forget to duck, ha-ha!"


She Does Muay Thai

Hill naturally does a lot of fighting to train. She tells ESPN that she does Muay Thai. "Muay Thai is basically kickboxing with the addition of elbows and knees. It's the most brutal striking martial art and a very intense workout. It helps me in the ring because in MMA the fight always starts standing, so being able to punch, kick, elbow and knee your opponent without getting tired is essential.


She Doesn't Freak Out

Hill shared how she prepares for fights with Yahoo Sports. She says that she doesn't try to freak herself out before a fight.  "The more I get in there, it just feels like another day at work doing my job. The secret to me is that I've forced myself to take every day one day at a time. When you build up fight day to be this massive event that could be life-altering, then it could really mess with your psyche and mess with your confidence."


She's Taking Risks

Hill tells Yahoo Sports that she wants to push herself and take risks. "It's been hard for me because I do have a technical background and I am a very technical fighter. Opening up is always hard for me because I'm like, 'Well, if I do this, I might be off-balance. Or if I do this, that could happen. But sometimes, that can hold you back. So I've been more open to taking risks and believing in the fact that even if I [expletive] up, I can probably fix it so I shouldn't hesitate to go. So now I just try to hit, try to score and try to hurt them. It's been working and fights have been going my way."

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