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Animal Star Triptii Dimri Shares Bikini Photo As "Balinese Beauty"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Animal star Triptii Dimri recently enjoyed a magical trip to beautiful Bali, Indonesia. Dimri, who plays Zoya Riaz in the movie, shared a picture of herself posing in a black swimsuit in a gorgeous outdoor pool. Behind her was a giant screen of lush greenery and vivid flowers. "Life is better in Green🌿," she captioned the post. "Balinese beauty," a fan commented. Riaz works hard to take care of her health both inside and out—here's how she does it.


Learning As She Goes

Dimri found herself learning the craft of acting while on the job. "At the time when I did Laila Majnu, I hadn't done even a single workshop," she says. "I was unaware of the process one goes through while playing a lead in a film. So these workshops, character reading sessions and discussions over backstories were all new to me. When I used to attend these discussions with Imtiaz Ali sir (who co-wrote the screenplay and presented the film), Sajid Ali (director) and Avinash Tiwary (co-star), I would sit there with blank expressions. The first schedule of the film was a little challenging for me. Before the second schedule rolled out, the team asked me to take up acting classes. It was during this course that I enjoyed acting and realized I want to pursue it as my profession."


Pandemic Workouts

Dimri took advantage of the pandemic lockdowns to work on herself. "I think I was not working out enough," she says. "It is not something someone asked me to do, but that I realized it myself and now I am exercising to stay fit and in shape, thoroughly. I also try and be a little more active on social media. I feel it is important to keep your audience engaged and communicate with them on a regular basis."


Tennis and Yoga

Dimri now works out several times a week. "I make sure that I work out at least five to six times a week," she says. "I was not very consistent with my workout the past two or three years but since 2023 I have been trying to be consistent with my workout even if I am working, I make sure that I incorporate at least 45 minutes to one hour of workout. I recently started doing weight training, I play tennis every alternate day, and I try to do yoga on my off days. Yoga has helped me calm down so much and has helped me bring back my flexibility also."


No Dieting


Dimri enjoys a balanced diet without restrictive rules. "I do not believe in skipping anything when it comes to food," she says. "It is especially important to binge on your favorite foods every once in a while because it is important to take care of your mental health as well. I eat my favorite things, which are noodles and hummus at least once or twice a week. Most days I try to keep it healthy. I try to have home-cooked meals. I have dal chawal and vegetables and parathas. I try to have early dinners because that is one thing that has worked wonders for me. When you have early dinners, your system gets a good 2-3 hours to digest your food properly before you go to bed."


No Stress

Dimri works hard to keep stress at bay. "Even though you do not want to take the stress you end up taking a lot of stress for a lot of stupid reasons," she says. "That is why it is important to ground yourself, find your balance, and make sure you are doing things that are good for the mind and good for the soul. So, meditation is one thing that has helped me with a lot of other things in life. I do not think I am going to leave that practice ever. I think even if I get 5 minutes or 10 minutes on hectic days, I make sure that I sit by myself without my phone, without any distractions, even if it is for 5 minutes and it does work like magic."

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