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Anna Falchi Shares Swimsuit Photo in "Ray of Sunshine"

Here’s how this model stays fit. 

Finnish-Italian model Anna Falchi is proving once again she's only getting fitter and more beautiful with age. Falchi, 51, is strict about UV exposure, saying it's one of her beauty secrets. But she couldn't resist getting a tiny bit of sun while lounging outside in a white bikini. "A ray of sunshine on the body… I grant it. Just to say, I was on vacation hehehe! Otherwise they think there is a ghost on the island! 👻," she humorously captioned an Instagram post. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Falchi stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


No Snacking Between Meals

Falchi enjoys a healthy diet with plenty of vegetable-based pasta sauces and no snacking between meals. "If I can and have time, I treat myself to a substantial American breakfast with fruit smoothies, eggs, toasted bread with butter and jam to have the right energy to better face the day," she says. "My secret is to eat everything, but paying attention to quantity and quality. I also diversify the meals a lot. Maybe I treat myself to pasta for lunch and proteins in the evening. I am a supporter of the Mediterranean diet but one of my peculiarities is that I never snack."


At-Home Workouts

Falchi loves the convenience of working out at home. "I do everything at home," she says. "The gym is too demanding: you have to go out, find a parking space, take a shower there, change… Two/three hours go by and you don't even notice it. Traveling a lot for work I don't have all this time, so I prefer to train at home. I have a treadmill and walk briskly at height for an hour or so to build up my muscles. Then I do bodyweight exercises: abs, lunges, weights. I diversify to always train the whole body."


Low-Sugar Diet


Falchi prefers to get her carbs/sugar through a glass of wine rather than food. "I do not give up anything, but it is very varied," she says. "The important thing is the quality of the products and the quantity. Never overdo it is the trick. My only luck is that I don't love and therefore I don't eat sweets ! I assimilate sugar in wine anyway! To all those who want to quickly throw off a few extra pounds, I would recommend eating lots of vegetables, accompanied by fish (or meat). Just give up carbohydrates, especially bread and sweets."


No Sunbathing Ever

Falchi is strict about protecting her skin from the sun. "The first thing I do as soon as I wake up is wash my face with icy water which decongests my swollen skin from the night," she says. "For me it is essential to always have clean skin so that it absorbs the products that I then go to apply. It doesn't exist in winter nor in summer that I go out without putting my creams on my face that protect me both from the sun's rays and from smog and pollution. I made a rather drastic choice in my life: I haven't sunbathed since 2001! It's a sacrifice but for a woman it's the best anti-wrinkle that can exist."


Hitting the Treadmill


Falchi uses her treadmill every day—but admits this wasn't always the case. "In 2007 I bought a treadmill. But I admit: in the early days it had, more than anything else, the function of a coat hanger," she says. "It was inevitable: now I use it every day for 45 minutes. And then, during the week, I perform specific work on the different parts of the body. I open YouTube and take classes."

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