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Anna Jay Shows Off Fit Figure "On an Island Somewhere"

In the photos and one video, Jay waded in the ocean, and sat in a beach chair.

Anna Jay is a professional wrestler, signed with All Elite Wrestling. She has been wrestling professionally since 2020. She recently enjoyed a beach day, and shared some highlights on Instagram. In the photos and one video, Jay waded in the ocean, and sat in a beach chair. She captioned the post, "On an island somewhere." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Anna Jay stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Wrestles

Being a wrestler is naturally the main way Jay stays in shape. states that the sport has a lot of benefits. "There's not a successful person in the world that isn't disciplined. As a wrestler, you have to be disciplined not just on the mat but in life. Staying consistent with your diet and training is a major key…Not every benefit happens between the ears of a wrestler; some come physically. As mentioned before, the discipline from a consistent diet and training regimen will ultimately benefit in gaining high levels of physical fortitude."


She Swims

As you can see from her recent post, Jay spends a lot of time at the beach. She likes to swim to stay in shape. According to The Cleveland Clinic, swimming has a lot of benefits. "Swimming isn't just good exercise, it's great exercise. That's thanks to the water itself, which offers buoyancy and resistance that makes it easier on your whole body than other forms of exercise. Swimming takes much less of a toll on your body than, say, running or riding a bike. That's because exercising in water lessens the impact of your body weight on your joints."


She Has A Dog

Jay has two dogs, whom she prominently features on her Instagram. She shared these photos of herself walking her dogs on the beach. Harvard Health states that having a dog has a lot of mental benefits. "Dog owners are less prone to bouts of loneliness, anxiety, and depression. Simply petting your dog can make you feel less stressed. One of the greatest benefits of owning a dog is that it encourages you to practice mindfulness — being in the present moment and fully appreciating life. Mindfulness can help you relieve stress and also improves your overall health."


She Gets Vitamin D From the Sun

"A study done in Valencia, Spain, measured the amount of sunlight necessary to produce a sufficient amount of vitamin D in those with lighter skin. (Valencia is about the same latitude as Kansas City, Missouri.) The researchers took into account the amount of clothing and the season of the year. In spring and summer, 25 percent of the body (the hands, face, neck and arms) is exposed to the sun, and in these seasons, about 8 to 10 minutes of sun exposure at noon produces the recommended amount of vitamin D. In the winter, only 10 percent of the body is exposed, and nearly 2 hours of sun exposure at noon is needed to produce a sufficient amount of vitamin D," says UCLA Health.


She Stays Slim

"Despite its challenges, weight loss still offers invaluable health and lifestyle benefits. Getting started can be intimidating, but Jeffrey McDaniel, M.D., a Piedmont obesity medicine physician advises patients to take it slow, be honest with themselves and avoid fixating on a single number," says Piedmont. "Ask yourself what inspires you to lose weight, and create a realistic plan for dropping pounds slowly. (Sorry, but there's no healthy way to lose 20 pounds in a single month.)"

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