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Anusha Dandekar In Workout Gear Is "Off the Grid"

Dandekar is passionate about inclusivity in beauty and wellness.

Indian-Australian MTV VJ Anusha Dandekar is showing off the results of her active lifestyle and workout regimen. Dandekar, 42, shared pictures of herself wearing joggers and a sweatshirt, posing next to a window and displaying her enviable abs. "Off the grid," she captioned the post. Dandekar is passionate about inclusivity in beauty and wellness—here's what her diet, workouts, and beauty mantra looks like.


Active Lifestyle

Dandekar loves Pilates, tennis, gymnastics, and hiking. "I do not have a routine honestly," she told Women Fitness. "I always start something, get super into it, then a shoot or my business gets too busy and I stop. But I love to rotate all the things I love and lucky all the people who train me are so patient with my sporadic approach."


BrownSkin Beauty

Dandekar created her own beauty brand called BrownSkin Beauty, to encourage the acceptance of all skin tones and promote inclusivity. "My vision is that one day I don't have to sit and explain that we all are beautiful," she told Elle India. "I want everyone to feel that and feel empowered by their skin colour, by the way, they look, their flaws and whatever it is – embrace it. We have great products that work and so my vision for this brand is to to be known worldwide and for everyone to feel flawless, beautiful and be comfortable going."


Practicing Gratitude

Dandekar makes sure her inner voice is always kind. "Every time I am sitting at the table, I hear I can't eat this, I can't eat that. Why so much negativity towards food?" she told "What is your body hearing? Instead, say 'I am so grateful for this food, and I love it, it gives me health, strength, and energy'."


She Likes the Sun

"Vitamin D isn't naturally found in many foods, but you can get it from fortified milk, fortified cereal, and fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines. Your body also makes vitamin D when direct sunlight converts a chemical in your skin into an active form of the vitamin (calciferol)," says the Mayo Clinic.


No Bikini Bodies

Dandekar doesn't believe in the bikini body term. "Everyone has a body and can wear a bikini," she told "You just need to feel confident and good about yourself. While the model also reveals why you should push back the need for a perfect body and follow the concept of a healthy body 'Whatever size you are, just make sure you are healthy. Because you want to avoid diabetes, health problems-  just all of that. Body shaming, I don't accept, but you should be more focused on health. So, if you are unhealthily thin or overweight and it's causing your health issues, that's not good for you."

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