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Aradhana Sharma Shares Swimsuit Photo "Thriving"

Here are 5 of her health hacks.

Aradhana Sharma is steaming up Sri Lanka in her swimsuit. The Indian model, dancer, and actress turned up the heat on her social media feed this week, sharing some sexy bathing suit snaps with her followers. "Black excellence, unapologetically thriving," she captioned the series of Instagram photos. "BEAUTIFUL is an understatement," commented a follower. "Hot," added another. How does the star keep herself camera-ready? Here are 5 of her top diet and fitness hacks for staying in shape. 


She Balances Physical and Mental Fitness

When it comes to her body and mind, Aradhana makes sure to focus on both. "I've always given physical and mental fitness equal importance as both are co-related to each other. Staying healthy has become like second nature to me," she told Times of India


She Works Out Almost Every Single Day

Aradhana is committed to fitness. "I'm now so addicted to my workouts, that if I miss out even a single day I feel restless and extremely irritated. I have an amazing trainer and a dietician who has been helping me with my workouts, especially when I'm shooting continuously. While shooting going to gym regularly gets difficult but I ensure to go home and workout with I hardly with resistance band and bricks at home for atleast 30 minutes," she told Times of India.


She Cooks Her Own Meals



Aradhana gets busy in the kitchen. "I like to cook my meals as I like a healthy balance of carbs and proteins. I prefer simple ghar ka khana that has a lot of local products rather than going all gung-ho about fancy products," she told the publication.  


She Kickboxes

Aradhana fights her way to a hot body with kickboxing. Harvard Health maintains that boxing a great way to build strength, improve balance, posture, hand-eye coordination, boost mood and endurance, and helps increase alertness. 


She Takes Cheat Days

Aradhana allows herself cheat meals. While she tries to cook "more healthy substitutes," of her favorite cheat meals, she does allow herself to indulge. "On my cheat days, I love to gorge on waffles, momos, and pani puri. For me, moderation is the key," she said. 

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