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Aryna Sabalenka In Workout Gear Says "Movement Is Medicine" 

“Movement is Medicine for the Body and Soul 🫶👊💪 #moving #is #the #key,” she captioned the post.

Belarusian tennis star Aryna Sabalenka will be the first to admit she doesn't always enjoy the intense training schedule necessary for a professional athlete—but she never regrets how it makes her feel. Sabalenka, 25, shared a video of herself wearing black shorts and a pink tank top, doing a strength conditioning workout at the gym. "Movement is Medicine for the Body and Soul 🫶👊💪 #moving #is #the #key," she captioned the post. Here's how this champion stays fit, strong, and ready for her next match.


Açai Bowls For Breakfast


Sabalenka starts every day by making her bed (she's a perfectionist who hates mess), before enjoying a delicious açai bowl. "Most of the time I go for an Oakberry bowl; I think it's healthy and a good thing to start your day," she told Town & Country. "[It has] everything you [want]: protein, carbs, vitamins, fruit. It's like an energy bowl, so I feel ready to go after I have it. It's the perfect snack, or meal."


Training and Workouts

Sabalenka's training consists of tennis practice on the court, fitness training at the gym, and physiotherapy sessions. "I wouldn't say I love training," she told Town & Country. "I'm definitely a hard worker, and I love to work to get better. But my favorite part is definitely the end of the practice when you finished for the day and you've done a lot and you improved… It's a good feeling, when you've done something tough."


Athletic Greens


Sabalenka drinks Athletic Greens every day to fuel her training and workouts. "My trainer Jason Stacy introduced me to AG1 greens," she told The Strategist. "And if you know Jason, he's all fun and games until it comes to how I fuel my performance. He takes his research very seriously. I drink this every morning with cold water — shaken, not stirred. With my busy schedule, it's a great way for me to get all my vitamins and nutrients first thing in the morning, which prepares me for a packed day ahead. We do so much traveling as pro tennis players, it's hard not to get sick or tired when you're always a little jet-lagged. I found AG1 really helps keep my health in top shape."


Tequila Lover

Sabalenka loves tequila, but she's mindful of her alcohol intake. "I've always loved tequila, mainly to celebrate tournament wins with my team," she told The Strategist. "I was introduced to Maestro Dobel's signature Ace Paloma drink at the Indian Wells Masters tournament, and my partnership with the brand began at the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati this year. It's a great fit because we both share the same passion and dedication to our craft."


Setting Goals

Sabalenka says her goals are the same as any other professional athlete. "I don't like talking about goals and dreams because all of us—I mean, tennis players—have the same goals and dreams and no need to say that!" she told Town & Country. "I just want to focus on myself, no matter what's happening. To be able to fight for every point and make sure I'm getting better as a person and as a player every day."

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