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Ashley Graham in Workout Gear Works Up a Sweat

Graham has modeled for Lane Bryant, Michael Kors, and Christian Siriano.

Ashley Graham is one of the most successful models of all time. She became the first plus-sized model to appear on the cover of Vogue in 2017. Graham has also modeled for Lane Bryant, Michael Kors, and Christian Siriano. Graham is also an advocate for body positivity. She recently shared a selfie on her Instagram story. In it, Graham wore workout clothes and was in the gym. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Ashley Graham stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Uses Skincare Products That Work

Graham shared some of her skincare secrets to Byrdie. She says that she uses products that she knows will work on her face. "I don't just throw stuff in [my routine] to throw it in. I like to look at the ingredients first and I want to know why does someone like me need it? A lot of skincare is made in mind for everyone and I don't think that's fair because all of our skin is so different. So that's first and foremost. Secondly, if I'm not feeling or seeing a change from using it within the first week or so, then it's outta here because then that just means it's just sitting on my skin collecting dust.


She's Learning Gua Sha


Graham tells Byrdie that she loves doing gua sha on her skin, and she is learning how to do it correctly. "I've seen so many girls do it so wrong and I feel like I have the best teacher in the whole world. Her name is Sandra Lanshin, and she's also my acupuncturist. If you go on her TikTok or Instagram, she shows you exactly how to do it. You don't need filler, you just need gua sha. I tell her all the time, like you are my Botox. I do it sometimes when I'm just laying in bed, on the train into the city, or in the middle of meetings. It's good for keeping the jawline snatched or to release tension in the neck. I even use it on my calves when I'm wearing heels too much. 


She Keeps Her Skin Hydrated

Graham makes sure to keep her skin hydrated. She shared her favorite products for doing so to Glamour. "My tried and true is the Weleda Skin Food. At night I'll go a little bit heavier with the Weleda, and then during the day I try to go a little bit lighter. The Melatonik keeps me so hydrated for the daytime, especially in the summer, that I don't really need to overly hydrate. I'll just sweat it off anyway; I'm such a sweater!"


She Uses A Jade Roller


Graham shared some of her favorite facial tools in her Glamour interview. She says that she loves using a jade roller. "Revlon has this amazing jade roller—I keep it in my freezer for mornings when I didn't get any sleep. Jade rollers are so in right now because they work for that moment—I love to just pop on the jade roller in the morning under my eyes and my jawline."


She Washes Her Face

Ashley Graham/Instagram

Graham makes sure to wash her face each day. "I'm obsessed with washing my face with Dial Hand Soap," she told Byrdie. "I saw this girl with perfect skin on TikTok use it, so I did it and I have not gone back. It gets everything so clean. Like it literally takes everything out of your skin, it is insane. Lemme tell you, it is antibacterial and it smells good and it's cheap. You can buy it in bulk at Costco. It takes my makeup off and lathers up so good. It's a one wash system. You do not need to lather twice."

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