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Audrina Patridge in Workout Gear is "Back on the Grind"

“From not doing anything for over two weeks…I’m gonna feel it tomorrow.

Audrina Patridge is getting her sweat on al fresco. In a new social media post The Hills star flaunts her hot body in a crop top and leggings during a workout session that included lunges and squats. "Back on the grind," she wrote in one Instagram Stories clip. "From not doing anything for over two weeks…I'm gonna feel it tomorrow," she added in another. How does the reality star approach diet and fitness? Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle habits. 


Three Workouts a Week

Audrina Patridge/Instagram

Exercise is a regular part of Audrina's routine. "I work out three days a week," she told People.She enjoys Pilates and gym workouts, especially while traveling. "If the hotel has a gym I do 20 minutes of cardio and alternate days where I'll switch between working only my butt, legs, back and calves, and then my arms and core," she said. 


Staying Consistent While Traveling

Audrina Patridge/Instagram

Because she travels so much, Audrina focuses on healthy habits. "I find it hard to stick to a routine since I'm constantly traveling. Let's just say there's a lot of room service involved! I try to order as ­healthily as I can, and I bring snacks. Often I'll look up the nearest market on my phone and pick up some goodies. I also have a little workout routine I do in my room or at the hotel gym. If I'm pressed for time, I'll do a quick circuit of situps and squats. And I'll try to find some yoga classes wherever I am. It's great to try new things in new places," she told Muscle & Fitness.


Outdoor Activities

Audrina Patridge/Instagram

Audrina also stays active outdoors. "When the weather is nice, I love being active outside, whether it's playing beach volleyball, riding a beach cruiser, hiking, swimming, running outside, or even going out to dance. I'm not a huge fan of running on a treadmill unless I ­absolutely have to. I try to get outdoors every day, whether it's a little walk with my dog or running around playing with my niece and nephew!" she said. 



Audrina Patridge/Instagram

Patridge aims to drink 66 oz. of water each day to stay hydrated. "I don't drink as much water as I'd like to but I try," she confessed to People. According to the Mayo Clinic, hydration is important for a variety of reasons. Water helps get rid of waste through urination, perspiration, and bowel movements, keeps your temperature normal, lubricates and cushions joints, and helps protect sensitive tissues.


Here Is What She Eats in a Day

Audrina Patridge/Instagram

Audrina detailed exactly what she eats in a day to People. For breakfast she has a bowl of peach oatmeal with vanilla-flavored almond milk, Greek yogurt with honey, and glass of tangerine juice. For lunch she has a Greek salad with chicken, hummus and pita bread, and an Arnold Palmer. A snack could be a handful of pistachios and an almond-and-coconut Kind bar. One of her go-to dinners is four slices of salmon sashimi, three pieces of crunch roll, crab roll dipped in ponzu, wasabi and low-sodium soy sauce, edamame and miso soup, one small Asahi beer, and green tea ice cream. Total calories? 2,130.


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