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Barbara Palvin in Stylish Workout Gear Does Yoga At Lake Hollywood

Here’s why she tried the keto diet.

Model Barbara Palvin kept busy in the run up to the New Year by enjoying one of her favorite activities—hiking in the beautiful California sunshine. Palvin, 30, shared a picture of herself wearing black leggings and a white top, doing a yoga pose at the Hollywood Reservoir (aka Lake Hollywood). "Beautiful Barbara," a fan commented on the post. Palvin has been modeling for decades—here's how she takes care of her physical and mental health to live her best life.


Supermodel Lifestyle

Palvin lives a healthy, active lifestyle, considering it her job to take care of herself (which it is!).  "Being a Victoria's Secret model is not just work, it becomes your lifestyle," she tells Us Weekly. "So even before I became an Angel, I started to get a routine into my life, working out every day or four times a week and eating in a certain way that works for my body. I'm just doing that… I train at Dogpound. They have special things — all the straps, weights — it's painful."


Pilates and Stretching

Palvin kept up with her wellness routine during the pandemic lockdowns. "I kept up the same routines and rituals that I always do, which include working out at home, a lot of Pilates, and stretching," she tells The Thirty. "I also did my regular skincare routine, but since I had more time, I made a habit of setting my intentions for the day, used face rollers more frequently, and learned some facial-massage techniques. Little things like that can make a big difference. Reading is also something that soothes my mind and soul."


Keto Wedding Diet


Palvin tried the keto diet to prepare for her July 2023 wedding to Dylan Sprouse. Sprouse and her sister also did the diet. "t's a lot of things I love – meat, fat and not much dairy but heavy cream and cheese," she tells Harper's Bazaar. "We have a gym in the house so we'd work out together and then I'd use the infrared sauna every day. The infrared sauna is so good for your health, I try to use it daily. My skin feels so much nicer from it."


80/20 Approach and Home Cooking

Palvin enjoys a balanced approach to diet when she isn't preparing for work or an event. "I do the 80/20 thing," she tells Us Weekly. "Eighty percent of the week I do chicken with vegetables, fish, or granola in the morning or oatmeal and then I'll do 20 percent of cheating… having a drink with friends or having a burger. I always need that. So, once a week there is definitely a little indulgence. I cook more, but [Sprouse] does when he thinks that I'm stressed. He's got this meat and greens soup from a family recipe and he would always make that for me."


Mental Health

Palvin loves working out in the fresh air and sunshine whenever possible. "Over the past year and through the process of building a house in a remote part of the country, I've realized that being outdoors is great for my mental health," she tells The Thirty. "Now, I try to go outside more, go on a hike, work out, do my self-care routines as regularly as possible."


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