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Basketball Star Te'a Cooper in Two-Piece Workout Gear is "Getting the Body Together"

She's wearing Travis Scott sneakers.

WNBA star Te'a Cooper is upping her fitness game by working out with personal trainer Tisch Tosch Training, and developing her strongest physique yet. Cooper, 26, tagged the trainer in an Instagram video of herself working out in black two-piece workout gear and black Travis Scott sneakers. @mstischh getting the body together," she captioned the post. Here's what Cooper does on and off the court, and what's next for the champion.


Plant-Based Diet


Cooper took part in a cooking competition with plant-based ZENB pasta, which she says has changed the way she eats. "Having more ideas and more recipes is fun and meeting new chefs that own businesses and stuff has been fun," she tells Blavity. "I think the fact that the noodles are yellow peas is the most interesting thing to me because it tastes just like the noodles that I use that are not yellow peas. It's way healthier and I love pasta. They had mac and cheese, stuff that I normally eat that I would love to have made plant-based or healthy."


Self-Care Sessions

Cooper takes self-care seriously (as she should!). "For me, that looks like working out, taking care of my body, eating healthy, getting my hair done, getting my nails done — looking cute," she tells Blavity. "Taking pictures of myself, just doing stuff that makes me feel good."


Hollywood Luxury Hair

Cooper is proud of Hollywood Luxury Hair, her hair and beauty brand. "I wanted to have a hair brand ever since I was in high school," she tells Black America Web. I really wanted to be particular on the quality of the hair and the prices. I wanted it to be great quality but affordable because, you know, as an athlete, you sweat so much and you have to change your hair a lot. It's actually hard to maintain natural hairstyles. I really wanted to have my own brand where I could also give back to the little girls growing up and the girls that wanted to have their own hair, or be endorsed by somebody with a hair company. I wanted to be that person."


WNBA Inspirations

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Cooper is inspired by her fellow athletes. "Arike Ogunbowale, for sure," she tells Black America Web. "She plays for the Dallas Wings and is killing the fashion this year. I love what she's doing on and off the court. Flau'jae [Johnson] and Angel [Reese] — those my girls; they're killing it! DiDi Richards is the other brand ambassador for my hair, and she's killing it off the court and on the court. She played for the New York Liberty and she has her own podcast and talk show now with the WNBA, so that's dope."


Swimsuit Model

Cooper was thrilled to be a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. "I've never taken a bikini picture," she tells Blavity. "I don't really take pictures in bathing suits. I kind of just wear 'em for the pool, so that was very different to have all those cameras on you, you in a bathing suit, you kinda gotta be sexy… They kind of just give you confidence that you can't really deny in that moment 'cause you're in front of the camera. So you got the water, the weather, the scenery, the bathing suit. You got people encouraging you. It was a great time for me. The group of women that I did it with were so amazing and we all had different stories, so I think SI highlighting each person and their story made it even more powerful."

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