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Bebe Rexha Shares Swimsuit Photo From Singapore

Here are her top health habits. 

Bebe Rexha is lighting social media on fire in her swimsuit. In a new social media post the Blue singer shows off her famous curves in a black bathing suit while vacationing in Asia. "Singapore is a dream," she captioned the series of Instagram snaps. "HOTTTT," commented James Charles. "Body is bodying," added Sonny Kiss. Many other followers simply added fire emojis. How does the 34-year-old approach diet and exercise? Celebwell rounded up her top health habits. 


Being Open About Her Body Struggles

In a recent interview with People, Bebe addressed the constant commentary about her body. "You don't know what somebody's going through or what their healthy body is. We need to stop judging people. I can't get mad because I am in the public eye, but it is hurtful. It does hurt my feelings, and it is discouraging because I'm always trying to be the best me, but I do struggle with my eating and stuff like that. It gets hard sometimes because like I said, a b**** likes to eat. I've tried every diet, and it just comes down to trying to live the best healthy lifestyle for yourself," she said. 


Healthy Eating

Bebe stresses the importance of a healthy diet. "When I have a bad week of eating, I feel so nasty — like when I eat tons of chips or croissants and whatever," she told People. She also enjoys cooking. "I absolutely love hosting dinner parties for my friends," she added to Us. "I enjoy cooking Italian dishes. Penne alla vodka is my [specialty]!" Another one of her got-to dishes? "I love baking banana bread."



Bebe also makes sure to hydrate. "When I eat healthier and I drink more water and then I do even a little exercising or just try to live a little bit more actively, I feel so much better: I feel so much healthier, I feel so much sexier, and it's for myself. So I feel like that's a really important thing for me, to stay active and eat well." 




One of Bebe's favorite ways to stay fit? "I love boxing and have started training a lot during the pandemic," she told Us. "This kind of boxing has many health benefits, because it constantly requires you to think, change your position, and change your posture," physical therapist Linda Arslanian, director of rehabilitation services at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women's hospital tells Harvard Health."You're swinging your arms, moving the muscles of your arms and shoulders, increasing your upper-body strength. And when you're in the boxer crouch with a wide stance, with your knees slightly bent, you're strengthening your core muscles, back, and legs."




Bebe added to people that hikes are "really good" for her mental health and keeps her "really focused." According to the National Parks Service, the physical benefits of hiking include:

  • Building stronger muscles and bones
  • Improving your sense of balance
  • Improving your heart health
  • Decreasing the risk of certain respiratory problems


Exercise with a Trainer


"I work out with my trainer Jeanette [Jenkins]; we change it up," Bebe told Health. "One day we'll do yoga; one day we'll do Pilates. We can run one day or box, which is my favorite. When I go to different places, I'll try to run or go to the gym—or I'll take cycling classes or boxing classes wherever I am. And I deal with my anxiety by working out. I can get out my aggression or anything I'm feeling I just want to get rid of. I also see my therapist. It's very helpful to talk to somebody."



"I love to go swimming," Bebe added to People. Swimming is a good way to get regular aerobic physical activity, according to the CDC. Just two and a half hours per week of aerobic physical activity, such as swimming, bicycling, or running, can decrease the risk of chronic illnesses. In addition to the many physical benefits, there are multiple studies supporting the mental health benefits of swimming as well. 

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