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Below Deck's Malia White Shares Swimsuit Photo From "Drive Trip"

“A dive trip but you don’t have to clean the gear & boat afterwards… 10/10 recommend.”

Malia White is a reality star, best known for being a cast member on Bravo's Below Deck Mediterranean. She most recently appeared as a cast member on Winter House, which depicted Bravo stars from different shows living together in a house in Colorado. White recently went on a diving trip in St. George, and shared a photo on Instagram from it. In it, she sat on a boat in a swimsuit. "A dive trip but you don't have to clean the gear & boat afterwards… 10/10 recommend." White captioned the post, How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Malia White stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Swims

As you could probably assume from her recent post and her working on a ship, White likes to swim to stay in shape. She shared this video on Instagram of herself scuba diving with sharks. She captioned the post, "In honor of Shark Awareness Day! 🦈 I've been fortunate to swim with many different shark species around the world, these Apex Predators need our help!"


She Skis

While on Winter House, White and her castmates have been doing a lot of outings together. In one episode, the cast went skiing. White shared these photos from the day on Instagram. She captioned the post, "From the Seas to Skis… @captainsandrayawn joins us on the slopes!" The University of Rochester Medical Center reports that skiing has a lot of benefits. "Skiing and snowboarding are thrilling activities and great workouts. Both sports are excellent cardiovascular exercises that strengthen the heart. Because they are also weight-bearing exercises, they strengthen your bones as they tone your muscles. Cardiovascular or aerobic exercises also work to reduce your risk for chronic diseases, and lower blood pressure. They also help you maintain a healthy body weight. Through regular aerobic exercise like skiing and snowboarding, you lower your risk of developing conditions like diabetes and heart disease, having a stroke, and perhaps even getting cancer."


She Horseback Rides

Another thing White and her castmates did while filming Winter House was go horseback riding. In this set of photos she posted on Instagram, White is seen riding. She captioned the post, "Being a cowboy is a lot harder than Yellowstone makes it out to be. A few BTS from this weeks episode." 


She Boxes

White likes to box to stay in shape. She shared this video on Instagram of herself sparring with her trainer. According to The Cleveland Clinic, boxing has a lot of benefits. "Boxing combines punching drills and conditioning exercises that can improve your heart health, strength, endurance, balance and coordination," physical therapist Dr. James Edwards says to the site. "It can also reduce stress, anxiety and depression and improve your confidence and overall well-being."


She Bikes

Another thing White likes to do to stay in shape is going on bike rides. She revealed in the caption of this Instagram post that she recently picked up cycling. "To finding new hobbies as an adult! 👌 Cycling has been a tough sport for me as I'm not naturally an endurance athlete but I'm sticking with it- such a great way to explore new places all while getting some exercise in!"

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