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EXCLUSIVE: Bethenny Frankel Reveals the Secrets to Her Success in Love, Health, and Wealth

The Real Housewives alum opens up about her life accomplishments in a new interview with Celebwell.

Bethenny Frankel is the ultimate multi-hyphenate: Reality star, entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, philanthropist, producer, influencer, and mother. She has proved to the world that you can have and do it all, while still remaining true and authentic to yourself. In fact, it is Bethenny's die-hard dedication to transparency that continues to drive her brand into the most unexpected directions, like cocktails (Skinnygirl and Forever Young Wine) and mocktails (Mingle Mocktails) to motivational business book writer. The 52-year-old recently took time out of her busy schedule for Celebwell, throwing down some major life, health, and career wisdom. 



She Has a "Just Do It" Approach to Life


Q: Bethenny, as a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, what's one surprising or unexpected skill you believe has contributed to your success?

A: I am a machine. I execute. I just do it. 


She Expresses Herself "Without Fear"


Q: Throughout your career, you've been known for your sharp wit and quick comebacks. How do you balance being unapologetically authentic while also considering the potential impact of your words on others?

A: Not everything needs to be said but if I'm really feeling it, it should be expressed without fear. 


She Prioritizes Sleep

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Q: As someone who has built a brand around healthy living and wellness, what's one personal habit or routine that has had a significant positive impact on your overall well-being?

A: I try to prioritize sleep which is a try discipline and sometimes hard.


She Remains Active in Her Philanthropic Causes

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Q: In your philanthropic efforts, you've focused on causes like disaster relief and women's empowerment. Is there a particular moment or experience that inspired you to become so actively involved in these areas?

A: It has just happened naturally and organically based on tragic events in the world. I'm good at pulling together elements in a crisis whether in parenting or disaster relief, so I just get into motion and get things done.


Criticism "Fall Off" Her "Like Water on a Duck's Back"

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Q: Bethenny, you've had your fair share of ups and downs in the public eye. How do you navigate criticism and maintain resilience in the face of adversity?

A: It falls off me like water on a duck's back and I have come to love and embrace the criticism and haters. They are very motivating, transparent, and proof I'm doing something right. 


She Has a No-Guilt Approach to Food

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Q: In your book, "Naturally Thin," you discuss your approach to mindful eating. How do you maintain a healthy relationship with food while still indulging in the occasional guilty pleasure?

A: I always indulge and I don't believe in guilt about food. It's not your bff or enemy. The key is allowing and learning how to balance and come from a healthy place with food without food noise. 


She Is "Passionate" About Her Projects

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Q: You've successfully transitioned from reality TV to entrepreneurship. What advice would you give to others who are looking to reinvent themselves professionally or pursue a new passion?

A: It's very hard and cannot be forced. Find something true and honest to yourself that you're passionate about and you will be good at it. Follow its lead. It won't come easily or immediately, and it may change many times. That's normal and great. Have your eyes open.


She Is Also "Present" and "Organized" in Her Personal Life

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Q: As a mother, how do you balance your demanding career with being present for your child? Are there any strategies or principles that have helped you navigate this delicate balance?

A: I am present in both, organized in both, and I am so grateful for both. I never take it for granted and I love both. The balance is being true to each on that moment versus divided in everything. 


She Doesn't Strive for Perfection

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Q: In the realm of personal development, what's one valuable lesson or insight you've learned about yourself that has had a profound impact on your growth and happiness?

A: Even if it's not okay and you're not okay, it's still okay. Take a moment. Take a breath and know you're doing the best you can in this circumstance. It won't be perfect.


She Is Unapologetically Proud of Her Accomplishment

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Q: Bethenny, you've been involved in various business ventures. Is there a particular venture or project that you consider your most significant achievement, and what lessons did you learn from it?

A: I invented a cocktail. I created a category that will forever be embedded in the spirits industry. I was the fastest-growing liquor brand in the world.

I launched the highest-rated series in Bravo history at the time.

I changed the game and paved the way for so many in unscripted tv. 

I was the first Housewife to turn a brand, write a book, be on Twitter, have a spin-off… too many firsts to count…

I've learned to walk through doors first. I'm a leader not a follower. Whether I was born a leader or trained myself to be one, it's what I am.

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